Live With Kelly: Mark Ruffalo “The Avengers” Interview


Mark Ruffalo The Avengers Interview

Mark Ruffalo gained an Academy Award nomination for his role as sperm donor Paul in 2010’s independent hit The Kids Are All Right. But the accomplished actor, who studied at the prestigious Stella Adler Conservatory, has appeared in dozens and dozens of films, from Zodiac to Where the Wild Things Are to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 

Recently, Mark appeared on “Live With Kelly” to discuss his most recent role as Dr. Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, in the blockbuster superhero film The Avengers. He also discussed spending the summer on his upstate New York farm with his family.


Mark Ruffalo: Upstate New York Farm

The Avengers Mark Ruffalo: Live With Kelly

Mark Ruffalo from "The Avengers" talked about his role as the Hulk on "Live with Kelly." (s_bukley /

Mark has been very busy promoting The Avengers, so Kelly asked him if he will get any time for a family vacation. Mark said that he has set aside some time to spend with his family on their farm in upstate New York. The farm is a former dairy farm, and while it is now defunct, many of his neighbors own cows so he still gets fresh milk.

Mark and his family do own chickens, though, which Mark said are “robust and beautiful,” but they attack. Kelly has always wanted to own chickens; I’m not sure where you would keep them in a New York apartment, though! She joked, “are your kids calling you ‘Pa’ yet?”


Mark Ruffalo: Wife Sunrise Coigney

Mark’s wife is the French-American actress Sunrise Coigney, and they have 3 children: Keen, Bella, and Odette. Sunrise is turning 40 this year, and Mark said that he is throwing her a huge birthday party to celebrate with their family and friends. They are all going to build a flotilla and float down the Delaware River.

Mark highly recommended visiting the Delaware River, which he said is one of the cleanest but most endangered rivers in America. He said there is some of the best fly-fishing in the world.

Mark Ruffalo: The Hulk in The Avengers

In the superhero blockbuster The Avengers, also starring Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner and Robert Downey Jr, Mark plays Dr. Bruce Banner, the Hulk. Kelly showed a picture of Mark as the giant green Hulk, and Mark joked, “I’ve been away from the gym, that’s why I’ve shrunk.”

Mark explained that to become the Hulk, CGI was used, and a new technique called motion capture. This involved Mark wearing a leotard with tiny balls on it, which he referred to as “man-canceling.” Josh said that he did ballet in college, so he understands Mark’s pain!

Kelly, Josh, and Mark watched a clip of Natasha (played by Scarlett Johansson) attempting to recruit Dr. Banner into the superhero squad. To see Mark in action as the Hulk, be sure to catch The Avengers while it is still in theaters!


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