Live With Kelly: Maria Menounos & Derek Hough “Dancing with the Stars”


Maria Menounos and Derek Hough Dance to “Tightrope”

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough were contestants on this season’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Despite being considered one of the show’s frontrunners to win, they were eliminated this week when failing to reach the votes they needed to advance to the finals. Maria, a television presenter and journalist, is currently one of the hosts of the entertainment news program “Extra.” She also hosted “Eurovision Song Contest 2006” in Athens, Greece, and as a Greek-American, is fluent in Greek. Derek Hough is a dancer, choreographer, and actor who has been on “Dancing with the Stars” since 2007, and is the only 3-time champion. He is also a world champion in Latin American Dance, and the older brother of “Dancing with the Stars” alum and actress Julianne Hough.

Maria and Derek, who are one great-looking couple, danced a spirited number to Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope.”


Live With Kelly Maria Menounos and Derek Hough

Live With Kelly had an interview with Maria Menounos and Derek Hough from "Dancing with the Stars." (Image Credit: Helga Esteb /

Maria Menounos & Derek Hough: Eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars”

Maria and Derek were interviewed by Kelly and Chris after they finished dancing, and Kelly noted how shocked she was at their recent elimination. She pointed out that the judges had awarded them a perfect score, so asked what happened to get them off the show. Maria shrugged her shoulders and Derek said, “it’s just one of those things.” He was glad that they left the show on top, having done their best. He also said that he would much rather be fourth than second, because second and third place both really suck.

Chris also expressed his shock at their elimination, even though he admitted to knowing very little about ballroom dancing. Derek explained that the voting is not up to the judges, but people at home, who obviously did not send in the right number of votes. Kelly pointed out that maybe people felt like, since Maria and Derek were so good, they didn’t need to vote for them. Maria was glad to have “the best run ever,” and said that she felt lucky to have been able to dance all of the different dances that the show offers.


Chris noted that Maria has been doing double duty on both “Extra” and “Dancing,” and reminded her about a Super Bowl bet that she had lost at “Extra.” As a result, she had to go to work in a bikini, and they flashed a quick picture of her looking great in the glittery two-piece. Kelly joked, “I’m so sick of the people at ‘Extra’ superimposing your head on my body!” Maria laughed and gave her a hug.

Live With Kelly: Derek Hough’s Birthday

Known for losing his shirt while dancing, Derek Hough kept his shirt on, and when Chris pointed it out, Derek joked, “it’s not too late.” The real big news, however, was that it was Derek’s birthday, so a cart with party hats and champagne was wheeled out to celebrate. Everyone put on a hat and toasted to the birthday boy.

Learn your lesson from Derek and Maria: vote for your favorites on “Dancing with the Stars!”


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