Live With Kelly: Lauren Graham & Parenthood


Lauren Graham Saturday Night Live

Kelly Ripa said it’s hard to believe Lauren Graham has never hosted Saturday Night Live. “You’d be great at it,” Seth Meyers said. Lauren Graham said she had strict limits about TV viewing when she was growing up, but she was always allowed to stay up for Saturday Night Live, because her father was a fan.

Lauren Graham said that hosting the SNL show is one of her lifelong goals. She already accomplished another of the goals from her list when she appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy and placed second.


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Kelly Ripa: Lauren Graham’s Summer Vacation

The TV star Lauren Graham talked about her summer vacation. “I went to Europe, and Venice really is sinking,” Lauren Graham said. Her father has started rowing, so Lauren Graham took up running. Kelly Ripa said she is a runner, and she both loves and hates it.

Lauren Graham said she did not do much running in Venice because the city is so crowded. She explained that Europeans think American runners are crazy. Seth Meyers mentioned Europe is also more lax about bike helmets, and Lauren Graham said that motorcycle riders in Minnesota are not required to wear helmets.


Lauren Graham Parenthood TV Show

Kelly Ripa said she started watching the TV family drama Parenthood in its second season, and she loves the show’s heart. Lauren Graham said the show is shot in a unique way that allows the actors to improvise. “It has a wonderful script, but they do let us throw some things in,” she explained. “It’s the most fun job I’ve ever had.”

Kelly Ripa compared it to watching a family documentary. They watched a clip from the show, in which Lauren Graham’s character’s daughter, who is moving out on her own, falls in love with a tenement apartment.

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