Live With Kelly: Laura Linney “The Big C” Interview


Live With Kelly: Laura Linney On Vacation

Laura Linney is an Academy-award nominated actress with one of the most impressive film resumes around. She currently stars on the Showtime comedy series The Big C. Laura has won a Best Actress Golden Globe award for her portrayal of Cathy Jamison, a suburban wife and mother woman struggling with cancer. Despite its serious subject matter, the show takes a funny and witty look at what it’s like to go through a tragic life crisis.

Laura Linney: Melanoma ABCD Test & The Big C

Actress Laura Linney talked about Showtime's The Big C and the easy Melanoma ABCD test. (Featureflash /


The show just finished filming its third season, so Laura was looking forward to having some vacation time. To Laura, however, the best vacation is just spending time at home. She explained that her life is so busy and she does so much traveling, that she enjoys being home and doing normal things.

Laura Linney Closet Organizer

Kelly asked Laura if she spends time doing renovations when she’s home. Laura revealed that she had just recently hired a professional closet organizer. It sounds like a big luxury, but it was the best thing she ever did.

Laura referred to the organizer as a “kind militant general,” who helped her throw out all of the old things that she didn’t need. Kelly, Joel and Laura all agreed that it’s amazing how attached you can become to inanimate belongings if you’ve had them for a long time!


Laura donated everything to charity. Joel asked, is there anything that you miss now? Laura responded, “not a thing!” She called the entire process very cathartic.

Laura Linney: Disco Alter Ego

Kelly recently chatted with Laura’s co-star in The Big C, actress Gabourey Sidibe. When Kelly asked her to reveal one secret about Laura, Gabourey said that Laura has an alter ego that is a disco queen. Kelly joked, “when do we get to meet her? The next season of the show?”

Laura explained that in stressful times, she enjoys fantasizing about becoming an empowered character like a disco queen. She has a huge afro (of course) and is from the 1970s. Kelly joked that Laura’s alter ego was on the show the day before, and showed a gag picture of a photoshopped Laura sporting a jumpsuit and a huge blonde ‘fro. Joel said that she looked like a dandelion, and thus the disco queen was named: Dandy!

Laura Linney: The Big C

Joel complimented The Big C on managing to be such a funny show while still handling the topic of cancer delicately. Laura said that the show is realistic, because when life becomes challenging, the most funny and absurd things usually happen.

This season, Oliver Platt is back as Cathy’s husband, an actor whom Laura called “a deeply funny guy.” Also, each character is struggling to find his or her identity.

Laura Linney: Melanoma ABCD Test

Laura believes that you can use staring to fight melanoma, the type of cancer that her character has on the show. How so? Laura suggested that everyone stare at their loved ones and look for warning signs of melanoma or anything that might look suspicious. Doctors use the acronym ABCD to detect melanoma: Asymmetry, (irregular) Borders, Circumference, and Diameter. Look for a mole that has any of these characteristics or looks funny to you.

Laura, Kelly and Joel watched a clip from The Big C, where Cathy embarrasses her son in school by shedding some secrets from her past. Catch up on The Big C to see Laura and the rest of the cast in action!


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