Live With Kelly: Larry Hagman “Dallas” Interview


Larry Hagman: 80 Years Young

Actor Larry Hagman has had an incredible career spanning six decades in show business, but his looks don’t show it! When Kelly and Carrie Ann welcomed Larry for an interview on “Live With Kelly” August 13, Kelly said that he looks fabulous for being 80 years old. However, Larry corrected her: he’s 80 years young! He also has no plans to retire, because according to Larry, retiring is something that actors just don’t do.

Larry Hagman Dallas: Live With Kelly

Larry Hagman discussed reprising his role as J.R. Ewing on "Dallas" on "Live With Kelly." (Charles Edwards /


As Kelly chatted with Larry, Carrie Ann couldn’t help but notice a little bit of a flirtation going on. Larry had a “twinkle in his eye.” Kelly said, “I hope all the girls who were mean to me in high school are watching this right now!”

Larry Hagman: Married for 58 Years

Despite his public flirtations with morning talk show hosts, Larry has been married to his wife, Maj, for 58 years. Carrie Ann, who is engaged, wanted to know: what’s the secret? Larry said that having separate bathrooms is key.

Maj and Larry have five beautiful granddaughters, so women play a big role in his life. In fact, it was his wife who originally convinced him to take the role of J.R. Ewing on “Dallas.”


Larry Hagman: “Dallas” on TNT

After one of television’s most suspenseful series finales ever and over twenty years off the air, “Dallas” is now back on TNT.

Larry said that it’s a great time for the show to return, because America was in a recession back when it premiered, and there’s a recession now. Escapist television is just what people need during tough times.

Larry has reprised his role as the J.R. Ewing, who is now trying to pass his scheming ways down to his son, John Ross, who is played by Josh Henderson.  The show features an all new cast of young actors, all of whom Larry says fully grasps the importance of the original “Dallas.” He loves working with them because they are all pros. Kelly asked, were they intimidated by you at first? Larry said, “I certainly hope so!”

“Dallas” airs Wednesday nights at on TNT, so join Larry and the rest of the gang in their return to Southfork Ranch!


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