Live With Kelly: Kristin Davis “The Best Man” Interview


Live with Kelly: Kristin Davis

For six successful seasons, actress Kristin Davis portrayed Upper East Sider Charlotte York-Goldenblatt on Sex and the City. Now, she is making her Broadway debut in the politically-themed play, Gore Vidal’s The Best Man. The show first premiered back in 1960, and is now revived at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater. The play’s all-star cast includes James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, John Laroquette, and John Stamos. Kristin joined the hosts on “Live With Kelly” July 16 to chat about her starring role on the Great White Way.

Kristin Davis: Backstage at “The Best Man”

Kristin Davis: Live With Kelly

Kristin Davis discussed her Broadway debut in "The Best Man" on "Live With Kelly." (Helga Esteb /


Backstage was Kristin’s niece, Zoe, who had just graduated from high school. Zoe is soon heading to the University of South Carolina to study political science. Kristin said that her niece had given The Best Man her stamp of approval. However, Kristin confronted Josh about why he didn’t come backstage to say ‘hi’ after recently seeing the show.

Josh said that he didn’t want to disrupt the cast, and that sometimes going backstage can be awkward. Kelly agreed; once, she and Mark headed backstage after a show (she didn’t say which) and the cast seemed so tired that she felt badly for annoying them. Kristin said, no way, not at The Best Man– every night backstage is a big party, and everyone’s invited!

Kristin Davis: Daughter Gemma Rose Turns One

Kristin’s adorable daughter, Gemma Rose, is about to turn a year old. Kristin brought a few pictures of Gemma, plus some of Kristin’s grandmother, who is an astonishing 103-years-old. Kristin said that her grandmother, who is from North Carolina,  is very healthy. Kelly pointed out that there is just “something” about Southern women.


Soon, the whole family will gather to celebrate Gemma’s birthday. Kristin said that the party won’t be too big, because after all, the baby won’t remember it– as long as she gets some nice pictures, she’s happy.

Kristin Davis: John Stamos Co-Star in The Best Man”

Kristin, Kelly and Josh marveled at the amazing cast of actors in The Best Man. John Stamos just recently joined the cast, so Kelly asked Kristin if she was a big fan of John’s show “Full House.”  Shockingly, Kristin said that she had never seen it. Even more shockingly, she said that John had never seen “Sex and the City!” 

Kelly did not believe that John had never seen “Sex and the City.” She thinks that he is a secret fan who has seen every episode. She wants to invite him onto the show and give him a lie detector test!

You can see Kristin, John, and the rest of the incredible cast of The Best Man on Broadway until Sunday, September 9 2012.


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