Live With Kelly: Kristen Johnston & The Exes


Live With Kelly: Kristen Johnston Interview

Kristen Johnston has done such hit shows as “3rd Rock From the Sun” and “Sex and The City.” (Remember the drunk, loud mouth New Yorker who fell out of the window to her death?) Currently, she is starring in TvLand’s “The Exes”.

Kelly Ripa: The Exes TvLand Show

Kristen came out in a black top, red mini and black stockings and towered over Kelly and Neil Patrick Harris.


Live With Kelly

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(For those that don’t know, Kristen is 5’ 10”) Kelly and Neil Patrick Harris told Kristen that she looked stunning, to which Kristen responded that she always woke up looking like that. (Her too?) She told Kelly and Neil Patrick Harris that this was her first time on live television but she wasn’t nervous at all. Then, she admitted that 3rd Rock From the Sun was originally made for ABC—the station that Live!With Kelly Is on—but that they had passed on the comedy and NBC scooped it up. (I bet someone at ABC lost their job that day.)

Neil Patrick Harris asked about actor John Lithgow, who has appeared in such movies as “Footloose” and “Cliff Hanger”. Kristen stated that John was so sweet and always took note of the crew members’ names, which made her feel like a jerk because she didn’t bother.


Kelly asked Kristen about Lexi Featherston, a character Kristen played in “Sex and the City.” (For those that may not remember—how can you not—check out the clip here Kristen stated Lexi was one of her favorite characters. Kristen is friends with Sarah Jessica Parker and Sarah had kept asking Kristen to do the show but she couldn’t because of 3rd Rock. When 3rd Rock went off the air, Kristen was able to play the famous character who dropped several stories out of a high rise building and to her death. Kristen admitted that she even did the stunt herself. To this day, gentlemen in Chelsea left messages on answering machines stating “New York is dead!”

Will you be watching The Exes tonight?


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