Live With Kelly: Kevin James & The Dilemma


Kevin James: Daughter Named After Shea Stadium

Kelly Ripa congratulated comedian Kevin James because his wife is pregnant with their third child. The couple already has two girls, and they don’t yet know the sex of the coming arrival. He would like to have a boy this time, but he really enjoys his daughters.

“The girls are expensive,” Kelly Ripa said. “You can never retire.” His daughters have recently been enjoying snow for the first time.


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One of Kevin James’s daughters is named Shea, after Shea Stadium. He said he came up with the name because he had a lot of great memories through the years at Shea Stadium, and his wife signed off on the name. Kevin James, Mark Consuelos, and Kelly Ripa brainstormed other stadium-related names for his next child.

Kevin James The Dilemma

Kelly Ripa brought up the plot of the recent Kevin James film The Dilemma. “You play a man whose wife apparently is cheating” on him with a character played by Channing Tatum, she said. When his best friend finds out, he struggles about whether to share the news. “I think you have to tell,” Kevin James said. “I definitely would.”


Ron Howard directed The Dilemma, and Kevin James said he did a good job of putting the movie together. The timing in the story also has an effect on the plot.

Kelly Ripa: Jersey Shore Style Confrontation

Kelly Ripa asked Mark Consuelos how he would tell his best friend in this situation. Mark Consuelos said he would start drinking and try to forget it ever happened.

“I would have Snooki and JWoww send an email,” Kelly Ripa said, recalling that they did this anonymously in their reality series, Jersey Shore. Kevin James said Ron Howard gave them plenty of room to improvise in the film.

The trio watched a clip from The Dilemma. Kevin James’s co-star in the movie, Jennifer Connelly, recently stopped by Live With Kelly to discuss the film.


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