Live With Kelly: Julia Louis-Dreyfus “Veep” Interview


Julia Louis-Dreyfus Interview

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is an award-winning actress, known for her memorable television roles. She has starred in “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” as a featured player on “Saturday Night Live,” and of course, as the unforgettable Elaine on “Seinfeld.” Her latest role is as the fictional Vice President of the United States on the HBO comedy “Veep.” Julia recently sat down with Kelly and DL to chat about the show, plus her new foray into Twitter.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Monkeys in Indonesia

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Live With Kelly

Julia Louis-Dreyfus discussed her new show "Veep" on "Live with Kelly." (lev radin /


When Julia sat down with the hosts, DL could barely look at her, because as it turns out, he has a major crush on her! Julia started off by discussing her recent trip to Indonesia. She went with her son, Charlie. Julia mentioned that the travel doctor she visited before leaving advised her that Indonesia is perfectly safe, but she needed to stay away from the monkeys. They can be rabid and they bite.

However, when Julia and Charlie went to a place called the Monkey Forest, a monkey jumped right onto Charlie’s back while he was tying his shoe. Julia said she panicked, but not too much; she was able to snag a few pictures of Charlie with the monkeys that she showed off to the hosts.

Julia-Louis Dreyfus: Twitter @OfficialJLD

Julia recently joined Twitter, which she admitted that she finds overwhelming. Kelly held up a picture of Julia’s first tweet, which was a snapshot of Julia getting her teeth cleaned. DL pointed out that it was a nice icebreaker, because everybody has teeth. Kelly said that she often tweets pictures of her kids at the orthodontist.


Julia said that she does not like Twitter much, because to her, it’s like walking into a room with thousands of people yelling random things at you. However, she did encourage everyone to follow her! Julia’s Twitter handle is @OfficialJLD.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: HBO’s “Veep”

“Veep” is Julia’s latest show, a political comedy centered around her character, Vice President Selina Meyer. Julia explained that the character is entirely fictional, and not a parody of anyone or any political party. It is more of a study on political behavior.

Julia described Selina as very ambitious. It’s interesting because in reality, the role of Vice President really has just two official guidelines: to break a tie in the Senate, and to take over should the President be unable to govern. The rest is up to interpretation, and the type of relationship between the President and Vice President has varied greatly in history.

Julia, Kelly, and DL watched a clip from the show, in which Selina’s bodyguard (played by Tony Hale from “Arrested Development”) protects her from a sneeze. “Veep” just wrapped up its first season on HBO.


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