Live with Kelly: Judith Light “Other Desert Cities” Interview


Judith Light & Kelly Ripa: Jersey Girls

Judith Light joined Seth and Kelly for an interview, and the first thing she did was thank the military audience for their service. She suggested that they change their uniforms to the color of her outfit (bright orange). Although, as Seth pointed out, it might not be a good idea as a military person for everyone to see you coming.

Judith is a very accomplished actress, having starred in theatre, films, and television, and has also won two Daytime Emmy Awards. But Kelly pointed out that she also loves Judith because they are both from New Jersey. Judith is from Trenton, specifically. The two of them are also both known for their roles in soap operas. Judith explained how she started out in theater, then eventually moved to a soap opera (One Life to Live), and then to a sitcom (Who’s the Boss?)– the latter two of which she said she would never do. She changed her mind by letting the universe take over, as opposed to always trying to control her life and career. Kelly said that her only plan as an actress was to go with anyone who would give her a pay check.


Live With Kelly: Judith Light

Actress Judith Light talked about her role in the play Other Desert Cities on Live with Kelly. (Featureflash /

Judith Light: Who’s the Boss? Audition

Judith starred for eight seasons as Angela Bower on the popular sitcom, Who’s the Boss? The show also starred Tony Danza as Tony Micelli. She said that she remembers her audition for the show well, because she did not originally want to do it.

She had put another potential show as her number one choice, but decided to give Who’s the Boss? a try anyway. It was during the audition that the show’s creators noticed the great chemistry between Judith and Tony.


Kelly and Seth told Judith that they had a clip of the audition, and she didn’t believe them, but the footage they had of she and Tony was real.

Judith Light: “Other Desert Cities”

Judith Light is currently starring in Broadway as Silda Grauman in the play Other Desert Cities. The play is about a novelist who returns home to Palm Springs for Christmas and reveals that she is publishing a memoir about her family, which throws the reunion into chaos. The play also stars Stockard Channing, Elizabeth Marvel, Stacy Keach and Thomas Sadoski.

Judith was just nominated for a Tony Award for her role. She has never won a Tony, but was nominated last year for her work in Lombardi. She said that she got the role in Other Desert Cities because the shows had the same producers, who recommended her for the role.

Other Desert Cities is currently playing at the Booth Theatre in New York.


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