Live With Kelly: Josh Brolin “Men in Black 3” Interview


Josh Brolin: Barry Sonnenfeld Leg-Wrestling

Accomplished film actor Josh Brolin joined Kelly and Seth as today’s first guest to discuss his upcoming film, Men in Black 3. However, the first topic that came up was leg-wrestling, which the film’s director, Barry Sonnenfeld, asked him to talk about with Kelly. Apparently, Kelly is an expert leg-wrestler, and has beaten every guest that’s ever been on the show. However, since Barry Sonnenfeld has beaten Will Smith, he thinks that he will beat Kelly. Kelly, of course, feels otherwise. Seth had to interrupt and ask, “where does this leg-wrestling happen, a downtown arena?” She said that it happens right in the studio, in front of everyone.

Live With Kelly: Josh Brolin "Men in Black 3" Interview

Josh Brolin from "Men in Black 3" was the first guest on Live With Kelly. (Image Credit: s_bukley /


Josh Brolin: ‘The Californians’ SNL Sketch

Josh and Seth also brought up “Saturday Night Live,” which he just recently hosted a few weeks ago. It was his second time acting as guest host, and Seth said that Josh is one of his favorite guests of all time. Josh feels very comfortable with the whole cast, all of whom he knows very well at this point, and said that he feels more like a cast member than a guest host when he is there.

They talked about one sketch in particular that Josh had been a part of, a hilarious fake soap opera called “The Californians.” In the sketch– which obviously features a bunch of New Yorkers– the cast members put on exaggerated “California” accents and enact melodramatic scenes which include infidelity and many detailed driving directions. Seth called the sketch an instant classic, and it’s already very popular. It was also featured in the season finale with Mick Jagger. Seth asked Josh to do the “Californian” accent as well, but Josh– who actually is from California– pointed out that the voice is not very accurate.

Josh Brolin: Men in Black 3

Kelly brought up Josh’s character in the upcoming Men in Black 3, in which plays the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’s character, Agent K, through time traveling back to 1969. Josh discussed how difficult it was to try and portray him, because Tommy Lee Jones is so distinctive and created such an original character. Tommy’s voice is the toughest part; Josh also tried to do a ‘Tommy Lee Jones’ accent, but he only gave a one-word snippet. Josh also said that he has done three films with Tommy– including the Academy-Award winning No Country for Old Men– but they had never once been in a scene together. From now on, Josh said that he would only like to do films where he and Tommy can work together.


Men in Black 3 was filmed in New York, with much of the filming done in Soho, where Kelly lives. She said that she felt a special connection to the film, because she saw so many scenes while they were being filmed near her apartment building.

Seth, Kelly, and Josh all watched a clip from the film, in which Josh and Will Smiths’ characters attend a party thrown by Andy Warhol. They get to travel back in time and attend one of Andy’s famous “happenings” at the infamous Silver Factory. Men in Black 3 opens in theaters this Friday, May 25.


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