Live With Kelly: Jorge Garcia “Alcatraz” Interview


Jorge Garcia: Working in Canada

For six successful seasons, actor Jorge Garcia starred on the popular ABC drama “Lost.”  The show, which was about a group of plane crash survivors struggling to get off an island, was filmed in Hawaii; so Jorge got to live in paradise for six years! However, his new show “Alcatraz” is filmed in in Canada, where the weather is not quite as warm!

Jorge Garcia Alcatraz: Live With Kelly Hawaii

Jorge Garcia discussed his new show "Alcatraz" from Hawaii on "Live With Kelly." (DFree /


On “Live With Kelly” August 7, we took a look back at an interview with Jorge at Disney’s Aulani Resort, and Jorge was glad to be back home. He said that he was glad to escape from the weather. Vancouver, where he lives now, is not even the coldest part of Canada, but it’s pretty rough compared to Hawaii!

Jorge Garcia: Trip to Japan

When “Alcatraz” wraps shooting, Jorge plans to come and spend a longer amount of time in Hawaii to see friends. Then, he will head to Japan to promote the show. Jorge had traveled to Japan while he was filming “Lost,” for a weekend trip that co-star Matthew Fox convinced him to take. They went to Tokyo to see Green Day in concert. Jorge called that his first big “splurge” moment, being on a television show and knowing that he could just jet off to Japan on a whim!

Jorge Garcia: “Alcatraz” on Fox

“Alcatraz,” Jorge’s latest show, revolves around the idea of dead criminals inexplicably escaping from the Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, which has been said to be haunted. It is the job of Jorge and his co-stars to track down the ghostly killers and put them back behind bars.


J.J. Abrams, the creator of “Lost,” hand-picked Jorge to star in the show after “Lost” ended. You can check out the first and only season of “Alcatraz” on DVD, starring Jorge Garcia.


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