Live With Kelly: John Stamos “The Best Man” Interview


John Stamos: Disney Cruise

Actor John Stamos joined Kelly and co-host Rob Thomas, and he congratulated Rob on doing a great job. John said that he is very “Smooth’— a nice little pun on Rob’s famous song of the same name!

John Stamos The Best Man: Live With Kelly

John Stamos from "The Best Man" appeared on "Live With Kelly" July 20. (s_bukley /


John had just returned from a Disney Cruise that he had taken with his family. He was on the Disney Dream and had a great time. However, he was very busy trying to learn his lines for his play, Gore Vidal’s The Best Man.

John Stamos: James Earl Jones

John showed a picture of a taped video segment of James Earl Jones that plays on the Disney Cruise. James is John’s co-star in The Best Man. He is such a legendary actor– and quite intimidating with his infamous deep voice– but John did not have enough nice things to say about his co-star. He said he has a great sense of humor.

James and Kelly attempted to perform a re-enactment of James and John’s first meeting at the Tony Awards. John told Kelly (who was playing James) to call him “Lord Uncle Jesse,” and James was “Lord Vader.” The stars are known for their roles in “Full House” and Star Wars, respectively.


John Stamos: Twitter @JohnStamos

Kelly asked John if he likes Twitter, and he said that he does, because people are usually very nice. Rob said that when people do tweet mean things, they are shocked that you actually read them. Then, they usually feel bad and apologize!

John recently tweeted a picture of himself with Sammy Davis Jr, from John’s time on “General Hospital” in the 1980s. It’s obvious that it’s the 80s from John’s feathered hair! John got to play the drums on stage with Sammy, which Kelly actually had a clip of. John joked that he has been in show business for “72 years.”

John Stamos: Senator Joseph Cantwell in The Best Man

The Best Man is a politcally themed play that premiered back in 1960. In addition to John and James, the all-star cast includes Cybill Shepherd, Angela Lansbury, John Laroquette, and Kristin Davis. John plays Senator Joseph Cantwell, who is kind of a “slimeball.”

John doesn’t talk to his co-stars ahead of time, which he explained helps him focus and get ready for the show. He is acting alongside Broadway legends, after all!

The Best Man is playing at the Schoenfeld Theater until Sunday, September 9 2012, so don’t miss it!


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