Live With Kelly: John Slattery “Mad Men” Interview


John Slattery: GQ Cover

The dashing John Slattery currently stars as Roger Sterling on AMC’s Mad Men, the four-time Emmy winner for Best Television Drama. The critically lauded show also stars Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, and January Jones, just to name a few of the other talented cast members. Mad Men just wrapped up its fifth season, but before the show ended last week, John stopped by Live With Kelly to discuss his work at the (fictional) Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Ad Agency.

Joel McHale: John Slattery & Allison Brie

Live With Kelly: John Slattery Mad Men

Mad Men star John Slattery talked with Kelly and Joel McHale about New York Vs LA and his recent GQ cover shoot. (FlashStudio /


John and Joel had never met before, but have a co-star in common (Alison Brie stars on both Mad Men and Community.) John recently appeared on the cover of GQ magazine, which Kelly showed everyone. She said that he looks like a male model. But John does not enjoy doing photoshoots. He jokingly called the constant posing “brutal.”

John Slattery: Shooting Mad Men in LA

John has lived in New York City for 27 years, but Kelly wanted to know if he can still walk the streets like he used to since the success and popularity of Mad Men. John said that he usually can, if he wears a hat to cover his trademark grey hair.

Once, when his son was ten years old, John had to carry a cane because he had recently undergone knee surgery. While they were walking, someone came up to his son and said, “You’re spending the day with Grandpa!”


John Slattery New York Vs LA

While the show is set in New York during the 1960s, the actual shooting for Mad Men takes place in Los Angeles. John said that it’s inconvenient, since he is already a New Yorker. Joel described the situation as “making a show about skiing, living in aspen and then shooting in Phoenix.”

However, John likes being in LA. Joel explained how many New Yorkers hate LA, and complain when they have to travel there. Kelly said that New Yorker only hate LA because of the driving. If you live in New Yorker, you are not used to using a car. Suddenly, when you get to LA, you’re thrown onto the freeway!

John Slattery: Directing Mad Men

John, Kelly and Joel watched a clip of John with Elisabeth Moss, who plays copy writer Peggy Olson, on Mad Men. John discussed getting to don another hat this season,  as director. He said that it takes a lot more time to direct and act in the scenes simultaneously, because you are constantly running back and forth. If you are a director only, you can spend all of your time behind the camera, and not have to worry about remembering your lines!

Kelly said that Mad Men is a show that she really loves. It just wrapped up its fifth season on AMC, so you’ve got plenty of time to catch up before next season!


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