Live With Kelly: John Leguizamo Confronts Steven Segal & Home Renovations


Kelly Ripa: John Leguizamo Home Renovation

Actor, writer, and comedian John Leguizamo joined Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa. Kelly Ripa said she recently saw John Leguizamo’s home renovation in the newspaper. He explained that he managed the project himself so that it would be finished on time and on budget.

Andy Cohen suggested that a program involving John Leguizamo flipping houses could be a great reality show! But John Leguizamo said, “no thank you,” recalling Ed Begley, Jr.’s reality show and saying he doesn’t want all those people in his house.


Live With Kelly: John Leguizamo Lawsuit for One Man Show

Live With Kelly: John Leguizamo

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Andy Cohen asked if John Leguizamo ever thought as a child that his life would turn out the way it has. The man is on Broadway and stars in the film The Lincoln Lawyer. John Leguizamo said he’d expected to end up working a minimum wage fast food job. But the characters he grew up around in Jackson Heights, Queens, would inspire him later in his one-man shows and comedy acts.

“I grew up in humble beginnings, and I was a school class clown, and it paved the way for the rest of my life, to get that house that she saw in the paper,” John Leguizamo said.


Andy Cohen said that John Leguizamo’s parents sued him over the stories he told in the show Freak. But the performer said he doesn’t blame them. “My mother felt like I was making her look like a disco whore,” he joked. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

John Leguizamo: Steven Segal One Man Show

Andy Cohen mentioned that John Leguizamo talks about actor Steven Segal in his new one-man show. Leguizamo explained that he had a run-in with the action star Steven Segal on the set of the film Executive Decision. He said he was trying to build a rapport with his co-star, but Segal insisted, “I’m in command. What I say is law.” John Leguizamo started laughing, because he thought Steven Segal was kidding.

“Then he tae kwon dos me against a brick wall, knocks all the air out of me,” John Leguizamo explained. “What I really wanted to say was how big and fat he is, and how he runs like a girl, but I couldn’t, ‘cause I didn’t have any air.” He then did an imitation of Steven Segal’s running style, which Kelly Ripa compared to Aaron Eckhart’s stuntman. “He knocked me out like a dude, though,” Leguizamo said.


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