Live With Kelly: Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes 2 & Blow Your Pants Off


Jimmy Fallon President Obama Interview

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” host Jimmy Fallon joined Kelly and L.A. Reid, the latter of whom he jokingly called “Regis” as he came out. After Jimmy thanked them for having him, they first discussed his recent interview with President Obama. It was at the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill, and Jimmy said that it was one of the greatest things he’s ever done.

It all started when he played dodgeball at the White House with First Lady Michelle Obama as part of her health initiative to get Americans active and moving. He was very nervous and excited to be there, but he said that Michelle Obama was so nice. After that interview, he was invited out to meet with the President in order to discuss student loans– the President supports not increasing the interest rates on student loans. Jimmy suggested that they slow-jam the news, like he does often with Brian Williams, and the code name for the event was “Bieber.” He couldn’t believe that the President had agreed to do it, but it turned out to be pretty hilarious. One thing the President did not get right, though, was the sultry, “Oh, yeahhh” that Brian does so well at the end of the segment. He did drop the mic, though!


Live With Kelly: Jimmy Fallon "Thank You Notes 2"

Jimmy Fallon discussed his new book Thank You Notes 2 and comedy album on Live with Kelly. (Image Credit: Featureflash /

Jimmy Fallon: Blow Your Pants Off

Jimmy has a new, upcoming comedy album entitled “Blow Your Pants Off.” It features a funny, racy cover featuring Jimmy clothed only from the top up, laying on a bed with a glass of red wine. Jimmy said, “the cover may or may not have a butt on it.” Kelly’s head conveniently hid his naked butt as they showed the poster behind them. The album comes out on Tuesday, June 12.

Jimmy told a great story about one of the songs on the album, which is called “Scrambled Eggs.” Apparently, the original title of the Beatles’ famous song “Yesterday” was actually “Scrambled Eggs,” which Paul McCartney used to remember the melody before writing the song that we all know and love today. When Jimmy first met with Paul McCartney, Paul was not interested in doing a song with him, until Jimmy sang him some of the “Scrambled Eggs” that he had written. Paul then agreed to do the song, but only if Jimmy would duet with him.


Another huge guest star on the album is Bruce Springsteen. L.A. Reid joked, “how did you get Bruce Springsteen on an album? I can’t get Bruce Springsteen on an album!” Jimmy said that it all came out of a sketch that he did involving Bruce, where Jimmy performed a hilariously ironic cover of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” in his Neil Young impression.

Jimmy Fallon: Thank You Notes 2

Jimmy Fallon has a hugely popular and funny sketch on his show called “Thank You Notes,” where he writes out thank you’s to random people, places and things. After the release of Thank You Notes the book, he is now releasing a follow-up, Thank You Notes 2, which is out today.

Then, they all whipped out lap desks and the sketch’s signature piano music began to play. Jimmy wrote the first thank you notes, including: “thank you, ‘fall,’ for occasionally going by the name ‘autumn,’ just like my cousin Megan who became a stripper.” Kelly and L.A. then took turns writing some to Jimmy: Kelly thanked him for not stealing her wallet, like he did the last time he was a guest on the show, and L.A. thanked Jimmy for being so funny, although he would not work with him on his next CD.



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