Live With Kelly: Jim Parsons “Harvey” Interview


Jim Parsons: From Big Bang Theory to Broadway

Jim Parsons is best known for starring as Sheldon Cooper on CBS’s hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Parsons has won 2 Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and much critical acclaim for his role as the lovable nerd. Now, he is spending the summer in New York as he stars in the new play Harvey. He sat down with Kelly and Mark to talk about his new role and his very busy schedule.

Jim first complimented Kelly on her “new digs”– he co-hosted with her back when she was still in the older, smaller studio. He likes the new balcony, especially. Mark pointed out that Jim has not had a break; he just wrapped filming on The Big Bang Theory, and immediately flew out to NY in order to begin work on Harvey. Jim said that he’s not sure if he will want to work so much for the rest of his life, but for now, he is living the definition of the saying, “if you do what you love you never work a day in your life.”


Jim Parsons Harvey: Live With Kelly

Jim Parsons' Harvey role is keeping him busy during his summer hiatus from The Big Bang Theory. (s_bukley /

Mark asked Jim if he ever has dreams about being on stage and forgetting his lines. Jim said that he recently had a dream where he was being told that his “pacing and phrasing” was all wrong during his monologues. He woke up feeling very anxious about it, until he realized that no one had ever said that to him in real life.

Kelly brought up the study from about a week ago that revealed mosquitoes avoid people who are anxious. It must be true, because Jim said that he never gets bitten by mosquitoes. “I’ve always been high-strung like a chihuahua,” he said. Kelly said that she calls herself a chihuahua, as well.


Jim Parsons Harvey: Roundabout Theatre

Although Jim is so busy with work, he hopes that he will have time to go to the US Open this summer, one of his favorite things to do this time of year in New York. He revealed his love of sports and how he gets star struck by major sports stars, probably because he’s never been good at sports himself.

He recently met Michael Strahan and his wife, who are big fans of The Big Bang Theory. When Michael gave him his card, Jim thought, ‘what am I going to do with this?’ Kelly suggested challenging him to a duel. Jim laughed, pointing out how big Michael Strahan is.

Jim talked a bit about his play, Harvey, which is written by Mary Chase and directed by Scott Ellis. Jim Parsons’ Harvey character, Elwood P. Dowd, is a man who has a giant imaginary rabbit for a friend. Jessica Hecht plays his sister, who decides to put him away in a mental institution. Jim said that it is a great tale about humanity. Kelly pointed out the obvious pun– “tale,” as in “tail,” of a rabbit.

The Roundabout Theatre Company’s Harvey is playing at Studio 54, and runs until August 5.


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