Live With Kelly: Jessica Chastain “Madagascar 3” Interview


Jessica Chastain: Apartment Hunting in New York

Jessica Chastain became Hollywood’s newest “It” Girl last year, thanks to her starring roles with Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life and with Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer in The Help, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. Thanks to all of her success, Jessica now has big new projects in the works, but her latest one is voicing the animated jaguar Gia in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. Jessica joined Kelly and Neil to discuss the film as well as her family and her upcoming Broadway role.

Jessica had met Kelly before, but had never met Neil. While meeting for the first time backstage, they realized that they have many things in common. For one, Jessica and Neil are both currently apartment hunting in New York. They agreed over the fact that it is a very difficult process– even for celebrities! Jessica is currently filming in Jordan and India, and she makes lists of apartments that she wants to see when she gets back. As soon as she arrives, however, the apartments are all gone. New York is a fast paced city, and you’ve got to move quickly, even with real estate! On Jessica’s apartment wish list is a working fireplace, where she dreams about making s’mores.


Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain discussed "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" on "Live With Kelly"

Jessica discussed her background, which is not in show business; she is from Northern California and her father is a fireman. Once, while Jessica was filming a television show in San Francisco, she went to her dad’s firehouse to have lunch. She was staying at The Ritz Carlton in the city, and instead of taking a cab back, the whole firehouse offered to drive her to her hotel in a truck. She said it was so much fun to ride through the city in a fire truck, although when she arrived at the Ritz, the bell hop looked extremely nervous to see a fire truck pulling up!

Jessica Chastain: On Broadway in “The Heiress”

Another thing that Jessica and Neil have in common is that they will both be at the Tony Awards this Sunday; Neil as host, Jessica as presenter. Jessica will be making her Broadway debut in “The Heiress” this fall, and she is very nervous about it. Previous actresses who have played her role include Olivia de Haviland and Jane Alexander, so as she said, she has “big shoes to fill.”


Jessica graduated from the prestigious Juilliard School, but she revealed that she still has a problem with stage fright. Neil, a stage veteran, gave her some encouragement, telling Jessica that the rehearsal process in theater really helps to work out the nerves before the show opens. She still seemed to have her doubts, though!

Jessica Chastain: “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted”

In Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Jessica lent her voice to a new character, Gia the Jaguar. She told Kelly and Neil that she thought being in an animated film meant she could go to work in sweats with no makeup on. However, when she got there, she noticed little cameras all around her booth filming her; Neil knew that those were for the animators, who draw character’s expressions based on the actor’s faces. The next day, Jessica took no chances and got all dolled up.

Neil, Kelly, and Jessica watched a clip from the movie in which Gia, a circus jaguar, warns Alex the lion, played by Ben Stiller, not to mess up her show. Jessica revealed that Gia is the love interest for Alex. Kelly was shocked to find out that a lion and a jaguar could get together!

You can catch Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted when it opens in theaters tomorrow, June 8th.




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