Live With Kelly: Jesse Metcalfe “Dallas” Interview


Jesse Metcalfe: Soap Actor on “Passions”

Kelly and Josh welcomed actor Jesse Metcalfe, star of TNT’s “Dallas.” Kelly and Jesse have known each other for a long time, since Jesse was a soap actor “way back in the day.” As Kelly explained, Jesse has always been in great shape, because part of a male soap actor’s job is to take his shirt off all the time. Jesse said that many people ask him if he ever had to disrobe at an audition, but he actually never had to.

Jesse Metcalfe Dallas: Live With Kelly

Jesse Metcalfe discussed his role as Christopher Ewing on "Dallas" on "Live with Kelly." (Helga Esteb /


Kelly had a surprise clip to show everyone of Jesse during his time on “Passions.” He was shirtless (of course) and walking down a runway in what looked like a male pageant. Jesse laughed at his appearance– “did you see that Jason Priestley hair?”

People give soaps a bad rap for being cheesy, but Jesse explained that they are great training grounds for actors. While on soaps, Jesse had 30+ pages of dialogue to memorize every single night. Kelly said that it’s a shame, because so many soaps are going off the air. Jesse agreed that it’s a dying genre, but so many great actors got their starts on soaps.

Jesse Metcalfe: Christopher Ewing on “Dallas”

Jesse is currently starring on the TNT drama “Dallas,” which is a continuation of the original series that ran from 1978-1991. The show follows the wealthy Ewing family and the power struggles that occur on the family ranch, Southfork.


The new series stars Josh Henderson and Jordana Brewster, plus original cast members Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, and Larry Hagman. Jesse originally auditioned for the part of John Ross, who is played by Josh Henderson. Jesse actually plays John Ross’s cousin, Christopher Ewing, son of Bobby Ewing.

Josh congratulated Jesse on the show, which has been getting great reviews. He said that people his parents’ age were so obsessed with the original show. Kelly stopped him and said, “are you saying I’m your parents’ age?”

Jesse, Kelly and Josh watched a clip from the show of John Ross and Christopher fighting over Southfork– must be Tuesday! Kelly also revealed to viewers that “Dallas” has been picked up for a second season. However, you can watch “Dallas” right now when it airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on TNT.


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