Live With Kelly: Jeremy Renner “The Bourne Legacy” Interview


Jeremy Renner: Two-Time Oscar Nominee

American Actor Jeremy Renner joined Kelly and Chris on “Live With Kelly” July 30. As Kelly pointed out, Jeremy is very accomplished, with two Academy Award nominations already under his belt: once for Best Actor in The Hurt Locker, and once for Supporting Actor in The Town. However, one role that did not garner any awards attention was Jeremy’s film debut, in 1995’s National Lampoon’s Senior Trip— what a shocker!

Jeremy Renner: Karaoke

Jeremy Renner Bourne Legacy: Live With Kelly

Jeremy Renner discussed his new role in "The Bourne Legacy" on "Live With Kelly." (Featureflash /


Jeremy said that he has been very busy promoting his new film, The Bourne Legacy, and doing a lot of traveling. Shooting the movies is the fun part; it’s doing the press and promotion that is truly exhausting. One of Jeremy’s favorite ways to unwind is with karaoke. He explained that as a young, broke actor, karaoke was his favorite past time, because it was something fun he could do for free.

Kelly asked, “Are you a good singer? What’s your song?” Jeremy said, “I don’t know– do you want to battle?” Just as a karaoke sing-off was about to ensue, however, it was time for a commercial break! We’ll have to wait until next time to see Jeremy show off his skills. He said that he likes to sing to bands like Journey or Queen; he has the range, but only after a few beers!

Jeremy Renner: Performing Stunts

While Kelly and Chris watched a clip from The Bourne Legacy, Jeremy explained that it was not actually him on the motorcycle that was zooming up the stairs. Jeremy did many of his own stunts, but some of them were simply too dangerous for himself and co-star Rachel Weisz. He likes doing stunts in order to keep the authentic action feeling of the film.


Jeremy Renner: Aaron Cross in “The Bourne Legacy”

The premiere of The Bourne Legacy is tonight in New York City. The film is the fourth in the Bourne series, which have previously starred Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Jeremy admitted that he wondered how the Bourne series could possibly continue without its central character; however, he was very impressed with the new script and the new character of Aaron Cross. In addition to Jeremy and Rachel Weisz, The Bourne Legacy also stars Joan Allen, Edward Norton and Albert Finney.

Kelly and Chris wondered if Jeremy and Matt Damon would ever cross paths and do a Bourne film together. Jeremy joked that they could make a transvestite version: “The Bourne Trannies.” In all seriousness, though, Jeremy said that possibilities for new Bourne films are endless.

Jeremy, Kelly and Chris then watched another clip of the film between Jeremy and Rachel Weisz. The Bourne Legacy opens in theaters on August 10 2012. Jeremy promised that the next time he comes to visit Kelly, he’ll bring his singing voice!


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