Live With Kelly: Jenny McCarthy “Love in the Wild” Interview


Live With Kelly: Jenny McCarthy: Boyfriend Brian Urlacher

Jenny McCarthy took some time out of her busy schedule to sit down with Kelly and Bryant Gumbel. Jenny is a model, author, actress, television host, and activist. Somehow, she found time to host the new season of the NBC dating show, Love in the Wild, which she discussed with the hosts.

Jenny came out looking great in a bright red dress and complimented Kelly, an old friend whom she hasn’t seen in a while. She yelled out, “you’re not aging!” However, Kelly changed the subject right away, saying, “let’s delve right into your juicy personal life.”


Jenny McCarthy: Boyfriend Brian Urlacher

Jenny McCarthy Love in the Wild: Live With Kelly

Jenny McCarthy discussed her boyfriend Brian Urlacher & dating show Love in the Wild on Live With Kelly. (DFree /

Jenny admitted that she recently started dating Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. She is originally from Chicago, so on a trip back home to visit, some mutual friends set them up. Jenny was a cheerleader in high school, but that doesn’t meant that she knows anything about football– she was always facing the stands!

Luckily Bryant was there with all of his sports knowledge. He explained to Kelly that a linebacker is someone who tackles, and he complimented Brian’s playing. Jenny said that the only problem with dating a Chicago Bear is that she has 300 Chicago relatives who all want tickets!


Jenny McCarthy: Son Evan 10th Birthday

Jenny has a son, Evan, from her previous marriage to actor John Mallory Asher. Evan just turned ten, and Jenny threw him a great birthday party. One of the party’s most memorable guests was Darth Vader, whom Jenny says has been attending Evan’s birthdays since he was three. Jenny said she even uses him as a babysitter.

Jenny revealed that Evan recently watched Bambi, the classic Disney film about an orphaned deer.  This prompted Evan to ask about why people hunt, and he decided to write letters to hunters asking them to please stop killing deer. Jenny loved it, however, Evan also asked for a deer head for his birthday (go figure.) She did get the deer head, but used a recycled one from her dad’s basement.

Jenny McCarthy: Love in the Wild on NBC

Jenny is the new host of the NBC dating/adventure show, Love in the Wild. The concept spins the whole concept of a dating competition on its head. Jenny said that she loves it because it’s not just “pretty people in a mansion,” but features real, frightening challenges. The couples first meet as strangers, are paired up, and then are able to switch partners if they choose.

Kelly wondered if the traumatic experiences actually force the couples to bond quicker, and Jenny said that for some of them, that is the case but for others, it tears them apart faster.

Live With Kelly: Love In The Wild Season 2

The show was filmed in the Dominican Republic, which Jenny said she loved. She brought her son with her, who had a blast. She noticed that the Dominican Republic is where all of the Super Bowl loser shirts go, because she saw all of the kids wearing the wrong team’s shirt. Jenny also revealed that she had an injury during filming, although it was not, as you might think, from one of the show’s crazy challenges: she actually pulled her hamstring while she was sleeping.

Tune in to Love in the Wild, which premieres tonight with a 2-hour episode on NBC.


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