Live With Kelly: James Marsden & Straw Dogs


Kelly Ripa: James Marsden Bachelorette

James Marsden has worked on five different films since February, according to Kelly Ripa. “I’ve been busy,” he said. “It’s been exceptional this year.” Some of his shoots are a week long, and some of them are two months, he explained, mentioning that he is currently working on a film in New York called Bachelorette with Kirsten Dunst.

Kelly Ripa said she read about that in a magazine and misunderstood the article, thinking that James Marsden might be going to reality TV as the new Bachelor. Andy Cohen said that could be an interesting twist for the reality show.


James Marsden Fashion Week

Live With Kelly: James Marsden Straw Dogs

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James Marsden went to New York Fashion Week for the first time. He said he was surprised by how short the show was. He said he watched the Tommy Hilfiger show and it lasted about 11 minutes, but it was fun. He was also celebrating an upcoming birthday. Though his family is in Los Angeles, his mom planned to fly in and celebrate with him.

James Marsden Straw Dogs

In the film Straw Dogs, James Marsden plays a screenwriter husband married to a character played by Kate Bosworth. They move back to her hometown in Blackwater, Mississippi. There, the wife runs into her ex-boyfriend, played by True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard.


The film is a remake of a 1971 Sam Peckinpah film starring Dustin Hoffman. James Marsden called the movie intense, and said that Alexander Skarsgard had the advantage of height during their fight scenes. He said that Alexander Skarsgard is 6’3”, while James is 5’10” tall.

James Marsden, Andy Cohen, and Kelly Ripa watched a clip from Straw Dogs, in which Alexander Skarsgard’s character confronts James Marsden’s character about leaving a church service early.

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