Live With Kelly: Ice T “Law and Order: SVU” Interview


Ice T “Law and Order: SVU” Interview

Ice T, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, began his career as a controversial gangster rapper, but has developed a successful television and film career. He can be seen with his wife, Coco, on the E! reality series, “Ice Loves Coco,” and also on the long-running “Law and Order: SVU.” Ice stopped by “Live” to chat about the show, celebrating his recent anniversary, and why he was caught munching on organic food.

Ice T: Tenth Marriage Anniversary on “Ice Loves Coco”

Ice T and DL are both from Los Angeles, so when Ice sat down with the hosts, DL  pointed out the irony in Ice’s role as a cop on “Law and Order.” Ice managed to go from releasing one of the most controversial songs of all-time (“Cop Killer”) to playing an NYPD police officer on television.


Ice Loves Coco: Live With Kelly

Ice T and Coco recently celebrated their tenth anniversary on "Ice Loves Coco." (Joe Seer /

Ice recently celebrated his tenth wedding anniversary with his wife, Coco, which was detailed on their reality show, “Ice Loves Coco.” The show, which has had two seasons, follows the relationship between Ice and Coco as they both juggle busy careers.

Ice and Coco first got married by eloping, so they had decided that they would have a party to celebrate after five years. This way, Ice pointed out, people would already know they marriage would last, and wouldn’t be betting against them!


Five years ended up turning into ten, but they finally celebrated by renewing their vows. The ceremony, which was attended by all of the couple’s family and friends, was detailed on an episode of “Ice Loves Coco.”

Ice T: Organic Food Connoisseur?

DL revealed that he recently spotted Ice out and about getting some organic food. This made the whole audience giggle. Ice said, “when you’re married, you just have to go along for the ride!”

Coco was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, so she needed to make some changes in her diet. She is trying to be more healthy, which means that Ice is getting more healthy, by default. However, he is not too pleased about it. He said he caught her pouring out his Kool Aid. He joked, “You can’t take away a black man’s Kool Aid!”

Ice T: “Law and Order: SVU”

Ice has starred on “Law and Order: SVU” for twelve years. He revealed that his initial deal was to only appear in four episodes. He was living in Los Angeles at the time he was offered a role, but he was not really interested in being in a television show. Thirteen years later, he’s still one of the show’s stars.

Kelly, Mark, Ice and Coco all used to live in the same apartment building, so they are all good friends. Kelly told Ice that Mark had to turn off the television recently, when his guest starring role on “Law and Order” aired. He didn’t want his mom to see him get shot by Ice in the episode!

“Law and Order: SVU” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.


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