Live With Kelly: Hugh Grant “The Pirates! Band of Misfits”


Hugh Grant: Live With Kelly

Kelly and Jesse welcomed Hugh Grant, the Golden Globe-winning actor known for his many roles as a charming leading man. However, what wasn’t so charming was Hugh’s cold: after Kelly and Jesse shook his hand, they rubbed down with some anti-bacterial lotion! Kelly reminded Hugh that he hadn’t been to the show since 2009. A few things have changed; most notably, Kelly pointed to Jesse and said, “Regis got a facelift!”

Live With Kelly: Hugh Grant Race Car Driver

Hugh Grant Bridget Jones 3: Live With Kelly

Hugh Grant talked about his recent movie The Pirates! Band of Misfits and the possibility of a Bridget Jones 3 sequel. (Featureflash /


Kelly and Jesse asked Hugh about his latest hobby, which is race cars. He joked that, like many middle-aged men, he has turned to fast cars to occupy himself. Since he can’t really drive them properly in London, Hugh goes to race tracks in Italy where young race car drivers give lessons to “sad” men like him.

Kelly wondered if Hugh was allowed to drive fast cars, since he’s a huge movie star and probably shouldn’t be injuring himself. Hugh said that all he has to do is lie to the people who make his movies.

Hugh Grant Fatherhood & Baby Tabitha

Last year, Hugh had the unexpected surprise of fatherhood to a baby girl named Tabitha. He admitted that, even though it was a big surprise, he is enjoying being a dad. About his daughter, he said that he “couldn’t love her any more.”


Tabitha was just christened in England, and Hugh said that was another surprise. A “bossy” ex-girlfriend called him and told him that she was going to be the baby’s godmother.

Kelly laughed, telling Hugh that in England they are all so civilized. The same situation would have turned into a fist fight in New Jersey! Hugh said that he knew all about that– he watches The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Hugh Grant: Bridget Jones 3 Sequel?

Everyone knows Hugh as the bad boy Daniel Cleaver from the Bridget Jones films, also starring Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth. So far, they have made two films: 2001’s original Bridget Jones’ Diary, and 2004’s Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Kelly asked about rumors that there might be a Bridget Jones 3 sequel in the works. Hugh called these rumors “medium true.” He can’t be sure, because while he knows that all the actors are up for it, he said that he and Colin Firth have both gotten too old!

Hugh Grant: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Hugh’s first animated film is The Pirates! Band of Misfits, which was released in April 2012. Hugh joked that it is “very difficult” to make him work at all anymore, but as soon as he read the script, he knew he wanted to take this role. Hugh plays a Pirate Captain who, as you might have guessed from the title, acts as a leader to a less-than-capable crew. He described practicing his best pirate voice in his kitchen, which Jesse did not replicate very well at all.

Hugh, Kelly and Jesse watched a clip from the film where the Pirate Captain is trying to inspire his misfit crew. You can pre-order the hilarious animated film and watch it when it’s released on DVD later this summer!


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