Live With Kelly: Howie Mandel “America’s Got Talent” Interview


Kelly Ripa: Howie Mandel “America’s Got Talent” Judge

Howie Mandel is an actor, comedian, and frequent friend of Live with Kelly. On September 3, Howie became the first guest of the show’s 25th season. Howie came out and complimented Kelly on her solo hosting skills; he said that her style is reminiscent of former Tonight Show host Jack Paar. However, Kelly said that she prefers talking to actual people, instead of just herself!

Howie is currently a judge on the long-running variety competition show America’s Got Talent. He has been flying all over the country and living out of hotels as the show prepares to wrap up its seventh season. Howie expressed how lucky he is to be a judge on the show, because it’s hardly a job at all. All he has to do is show up and comment on performances; it’s the same job that we perform at home in our living rooms, except Howie gets paid!


Howie Mandel: Young Comedians Special

America's Got Talent Finale: Live With Kelly

Howie Mandel discussed the "America's Got Talent" finale on Live with Kelly. (s_bukley /

The only downside to judging, Howie did admit, is having to tell someone that they are not talented. Kelly asked Howie, when did he know that he had talent? Howie said that it took him a long time. He had a less-than-stellar high school experience; he was short, nerdy, and unpopular. He also had problems with ADHD, and his behavior was such a problem that he eventually dropped out.

Luckily, Howie was able to parlay his outcast status into a comedy career. Howie explained that finally, he found a place where his outrageous behavior made him fit in. Kelly and Howie watched a clip of Howie from 1981, as he was just beginning his stand-up career. Howie explained that the clip was from a “Young Comedians” special that had also featured Jerry Seinfeld and Richard Lewis. As a young comedian, Howie used his trademark nervousness s to create his own niche in the world of comedy.


Howie Mandel: AGT Finale

Since the seventh season finale of America’s Got Talent is this week, Kelly wanted to know if Howie could share any “inside scoop.” However, since Howie wants to be fair to all of the contestants, he refused to reveal his favorites. He did say that he would like it if someone who was not a singer would win; someone like this season’s crossbow shooting contestant, or the guy who took hits to his crotch. Howie’s not sure if they’re talents, but they are definitely entertaining!

To see all of the real talent that remains, tune in to the America’s Got Talent finale on Tuesday, September 4 2012.


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