Live With Kelly: Heidi Klum “Project Runway” Interview


Heidi Klum: Emmy Nomination

Kelly and Jerry welcomed supermodel and television host Heidi Klum on “Live With Kelly” July 19. Kelly congratulated Heidi on the “Project Runway‘s” Emmy nomination, which had just been announced. It is the show’s eighth nomination, but they have never won. Heidi said that it is still exciting to wake up early in the morning and wait to hear if their names are read out.

Heidi Klum Project Runway: Live With Kelly

Heidi Klum discussed the season 10 premiere of "Project Runway" on "Live With Kelly" July 19. (Jaguar PS /


Heidi and Jerry know each other through Jerry’s wife, Rebecca Romijn. Heidi and Rebecca used to shoot the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition together, and also were both Victoria’s Secret Angels. Rebecca also guest judged on “Project Runway,” when she was seven months pregnant with her twins. Jerry said that before the show, Rebecca did not want to go on national television and stand next to Heidi Klum!

Heidi Klum: 20 Years in the Modeling Industry

Heidi’s twenty year anniversary in the modeling industry is coming up, although she still looks twenty-years-old herself! Kelly showed a clip of Heidi on a German modeling competition, which she won in 1992 and skyrocketed her career. In the clip, Heidi’s hair is its natural color: dark brown. She said it’s been tough being a blonde all these years!

Heidi, Kelly and Jerry also looked at a few of Heidi’s early modeling photos. There was one of Heidi in her childhood bedroom, which was her very first photo shoot when she was eighteen. They also showed an adorable baby picture of Heidi with her mom– Kelly said that at first, she thought that it was Heidi and one of her babies, because Heidi and her mom look so alike.


Heidi Klum: “Project Runway” Season 10

Heidi is the host of the successful fashion competition show “Project Runway,” which is about to start its tenth season. Heidi, Kelly and Jerry watched a clip from the show of a designer showing off a rather crazy outfit. Heidi said that when people make something really “kooky,” she still tries to take it seriously and evaluate the work. She has to ask herself, is it merely for shock value? Or is there something really good in there?

For the first time on the show, this season had two contestants sneaking out in the middle of the night and leaving the show early. Heidi said that everyone was shocked, because the designers are so upset when they receive that famous ‘auf wiederzehn’ that marks their exit from the show. Kelly wanted to know if Heidi later called the contestants to give them their ‘auf wiederzehn.’ She said no, so she did it right then on the air!

“Project Runway” kicks off its tenth season Thursday, July 19 2012 at 9 p.m.


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