Live With Kelly: Healthy Back to School Tips with Dr. Greg Yapalater


Live With Kelly: Dr. Greg Yapalater

If you can even believe it, back to school time is already upon us! In order to prepare your kids for the upcoming school year, Kelly and Chris welcomed New York City Pediatrician Dr. Greg Yapalater with some healthy back to school tips. Dr. Yapalater says that even if your child is starting school after Labor Day, don’t wait; get started now to prepare for a great school year.

Dr. Greg Yapalater: Breakfast is Essential

Back To School: Dr Yapalater

Dr. Greg Yapalater offered healthy back to school tips on "Live With Kelly."


Firstly, Dr. Yapalater discussed the importance of breakfast. He doesn’t really care what your kids eat, as long as they do eat. Kids may not eat lunch until the late afternoon, so make sure they have some fuel to keep them going. Also, sneak a healthy snack into their lunch box.

Back To School: Get Organized the Night Before

We all know how hectic mornings can be for a family; between work and school,  just getting out the door can be the craziest part of the day. Therefore, make your life a bit easier and get organized the night before.

Help your children choose their outfits ahead of time, so they aren’t scrambling to get ready. Pack up backpacks and leave them by the door, so no one forgets anything.


Dr. Greg Yapalater: Kids & Teens Need Sleep

Sleep is so important for young people, and they should be getting between eight and twelve hours a night. This means, electronics need to be turned off and taken away at night. No sending your kids to bed with their iPads and cell phones!

In addition to resting, your kids need to be active. Half an hour to an hour, three times a week, is the recommended amount of physical activity. Don’t count on gym class to meet all of your child’s fitness requirements. You remember– it’s more standing around than anything else, plus many schools don’t even have gym periods.

Back To School: HPV Vaccine

Dr. Yapalater recommends making important doctors’ appointments far ahead of time. Checking things like growth, weight, and blood pressure are key to tracking your child’s health. The HPV Vaccine is not mandatory, but Dr. Yapalater feels that it should be. The vaccine prevents vaginal cancer in women and throat cancer in men, so get it for your son and your daughter. It’s a “no brainer.”

Also look out for whooping cough and measles, which have made comebacks both in the States and abroad. Booster shots may be necessary, and always immunize babies to keep them safe.

Lastly, use your common sense to ward off germs and prevent illness: wash your hands often, and if your child is sick, keep him or her home from school.


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