Live With Kelly: Glenn Close “Damages” Interview


Glenn Close: Academy Award Nominated “Albert Nobbs”

Veteran American actress Glenn Close joined Seth and Kelly on “Live With Kelly” July 11 for an interview. As it turns out, Glenn and Seth are neighbors: they live in the same New York City apartment building. However, they would not divulge where!

Kelly mentioned Glenn’s Academy Award nominated performance in the 2011 film Albert Nobbs. It was Glenn’s astonishing sixth nomination, and Kelly said that she felt like Glenn truly deserved to win.


Glenn Close Live With Kelly July 11

Glenn Close from "Damages" appeared on "Live With Kelly" July 11

In Albert Nobbs, Glenn played the title character, who is a biological woman living as a male in 19th Century Ireland. Kelly said that she sometimes feels like she looks manly (especially without makeup), so she could have played Albert’s younger brother. Seth once played a woman in an “SNL” sketch, where he portrayed Nicollette Sheridan. He said that he did not make an attractive woman.

Glenn Close: Juggling on “Live”

Kelly brought out a basket filled with juggling balls, since Glenn is apparently an expert juggler. She revealed that she had to learn for a role on Broadway. Kelly, Seth, and Glenn all tried their hand at juggling, but Glenn was the only one could really juggle; although they were all a bit rusty!


Glenn Close: Final Season of “Damages”

The fifth and final season of Glenn’s show “Damages” is about to begin on DirecTV. Despite the fact that the end is near, Glenn does not feel bittersweet about it. She said that she is happy, and she feels like the show ended on a high note.

On the show, Glenn plays ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes. Glenn described Patty as a smart, powerful woman who basically has no skills when it comes to human intimacy. Australian actress Rose Byrne plays Patty’s protege`-turned- enemy, Ellen Parsons. Kelly loves the chemistry between the two characters. Glenn said the relationship is very unique to television, and that Rose’s character has truly come a long way.

Kelly, Seth, and Glenn watched a tension-filled clip of Glenn and Rose in an upcoming episode. Don’t miss the final season of “Damages,” which premieres tonight, July 11, on DirecTV.


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