Live With Kelly: Eric McCormack “Perception” Interview


Eric McCormack: “SNL” Host Ten Years Ago

Eric McCormack is a talented Canadian actor and comedian, best known for his Emmy Award-winning role as Will Truman for eight seasons on “Will & Grace.”  When Eric joined Kelly and Seth on “Live With Kelly” July 9, he revealed that he hadn’t seen Seth in ten years. A decade ago, Eric hosted “Saturday Night Live” for the first (and only, he added bitterly) time. Back then, Seth was one of the new guys. Eric said that he sensed “the revolution was about to happen.” As Seth pointed out, a lot has changed in ten years!

Eric McCormack Live With Kelly July 9

Eric McCormack talked about his new TNT drama "Perception" on "Live With Kelly" July 9


Eric McCormack: “The Best Man” on Broadway

Eric had just finished his run on Broadway in The Best Man, which features an all-star cast including Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones, Cybill Shepherd, John Laroquette and Kristin Davis. The show will continue through the summer, with John Stamos taking over the role of Senator Joseph Cantwell.

At his farewell party, Eric said that he ran into veteran stage actor Ben Vereen and started serenading him with a song Pippin– a reference that no one else got (it’s a 1972 musical). It impressed Kelly, though.

Kelly asked Eric if he cleaned out his dressing room to make room for John. Unfortunately, Eric said that John would be “inheriting a crack den.”


Eric McCormack: “Perception” on TNT

Eric’s new show is the TNT drama “Perception.” Eric described the show as A Beautiful Mind meets crime solving. His character is a brilliant academic– who also happens to be schizophrenic– that gets recruited by the FBI.

Eric said that he got to talk with real people who suffer from schizophrenia in order to prepare for the show. The average person does not realize that many schizophrenics actually have fairly normally functioning lives. However, his character is not one of those people!

Kelly, Seth and Eric watched a clip from the premiere episode of “Perception.” Don’t miss the new show, which airs on TNT July 9 at 10 PM.



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