Live With Kelly: Emma Stone “The Amazing Spiderman” Interview


Emma Stone: Flowers from Tyler Perry

The star of such films as Crazy, Stupid Love and Easy A, Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s hottest It girls. Now, the 23-year-old actress is appearing in the blockbuster Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. Emma stopped by “Live” to talk about the film, as well as her recent successes and her very first appearance on the show.

Emma came out and thanked Tyler for flowers that he had sent her, which she explained she received from him after appearing in The Help last year. The film, which also starred Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard and Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, was the one that really shot Emma into international prominence. Emma was shocked that Tyler had sent her flowers, because at that time, they had never met. Tyler explained that he was so moved by the film, and her performance, that he sent flowers to Emma and to the whole cast.


Emma Stone: First Appearance on “Live”

Emma Stone: Live With Kelly

Emma Stone from "The Amazing Spiderman" visited "Live With Kelly" to talk about filming in New York vs. Los Angeles. (Featureflash /

Kelly complimented Emma’s hair (which is now blonde), and said that she looks beautiful no matter what color her hair is. Emma has also dyed her hair brown and red. Emma first became a red-head  at the suggestion of filmmaker Judd Apatow, who cast her in her film debut, Superbad. Emma said that she liked being a blonde, because it is her natural color.

Emma has appeared on “Live with Kelly” a few times over the past couple of years, but her first appearance on the show came even earlier than you might think. Emma had told Kelly before that she was once in the audience. For her thirteenth birthday, Emma took a trip with her family to New York and saw a taping of “Live.”


Amazingly, the footage was found, and they flashed a screen shot of the show’s audience from November 11, 2001. You can clearly see a little Emma Stone waving at the cameras; she looks exactly the same! Emma was amazed that they had found it after all these years. Tyler pointed out, “you were blonde!”, just in case nobody believed it was her natural color.

Emma Stone: “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Emma’s latest film is the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The film, which stars Andrew Garfield as a young Peter Parker, focuses on Peter’s transformation from orphaned high school student to superhero. Emma plays Gwen Stacy, Spiderman’s original  girlfriend before the infamous red-head, Mary Jane. As Emma explained, the film is unlike previous Spider-Man films, because it focuses on Peter before he becomes a superhero. The story comes directly from the comics, and is unlike ones that movie-goers have seen before.

Kelly told Emma that her sons have been waiting for this film all year. This made Emma very happy, but she also admitted that the anticipation comes with a lot of pressure. She and the rest of the cast are all itching for the film to be released.

Exteriors for the film were shot in New York, but most of it was shot on a soundstage in Los Angeles. Kelly explained that in New York, pedestrians are always accidentally stumbling into filming for a movie or a television show. As Emma pointed out, “it’s always ‘Law & Order!'” Emma also revealed that she got to do her own stunts, which was very fun, but the harness used for flying is also very painful. Kelly asked Tyler if he had ever worn a stunt harness, and he said no. Kelly told him, “you haven’t lived until you’ve had a front wedgie.”

Emma, Kelly, and Tyler watched a clip from the upcoming film, where Peter Parker first scales the twenty stories up to Gwen’s apartment building in order to visit her. You can catch The Amazing Spider-Man with Emma Stone when it opens in theaters July 3 2012.


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