Live With Kelly: Emily Maynard “The Bachelorette” & the Ostrich Egg


Live With Kelly: “The Bachelorette” Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard, the newest “Bachelorette” on the ABC dating show, came out to talk about her show with Kelly and Taye and said that she was very nervous. Kelly said, “don’t worry, we love you here, it’s the guys we find creepy!” As viewers will know, Kelly has made it no secret that she is not a fan of the latest set of suitors on “The Bachelorette” this season.

Kelly joked that there’s no way that she could have picked any of them, but Emily said that the show allowed her to find out that they are all really nice guys. She said that in any other situation, if one of them had come up to her, she would have said “thanks but no thanks.” Instead, she got to know them, and is glad she did.


Live With Kelly Emily Maynard

Chris Harrison, last week's co-host, is the host of "The Bachelorette" (Image Credit: Featureflash /

Emily Maynard: “Shelly” the Ostrich Egg

Kelly brought up the ostrich egg, the bizarre gift that one of the guys brought Emily on the first episode. Emily said that she definitely thought it was weird, and she told him to ditch the egg. Before it leaves the show, though, they nickname it “Shelly” and Emily even tucked it into bed and sang it “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” This got a big laugh from the audience, and Kelly said that the show had turned a nice girl into a weirdo.

Kelly and Taye asked Emily if she was shy about doing the show after her experiences with Brad on “The Bachelor,” and she said absolutely. However, she is glad that she did it, because she did fall in love and also learned a lot about herself in the process. She is also glad that they were able to film the show in her hometown, because it allowed her to spend normal quality time (like carpool) with her daughter, Ricki. However, she did admit that, after getting home late at night from dates with the guys, she would only have a couple of hours of sleep and would tell Ricki to go straight to bed.


Kelly brought up an upcoming moment on the show when a guy refers to Emily’s daughter as “baggage,” and Emily goes crazy on him. While Emily called it “not one of her best moments,” Kelly and Taye were proud, and Kelly said it was “straight out of Jersey.”

Emily Maynard “Bachelorette” Game

Then, Kelly, Taye and Emily played a “Bachelorette” Game, involving a large poster featuring all of the men who are vying for Emily’s heart on the show. The premise of the game was that after Emily was blindfolded and spun around three times, she would kiss a spot on the poster, and whoever’s face it was would be the winner of the show. Kelly predicted that Ryan would win, because he’s an underdog, and Taye picked Ari, the race car driver. In the end, Emily’s kiss landed right between Joe and John.

“The Bachelorette” airs tonight, Monday, at 9 PM. Tune in to see which guy Emily really chooses.


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