Live With Kelly: Elijah Wood “Wilfred” Interview


Elijah Wood: “Saturday Night Live” Host

Child star-turned successful adult actor Elijah Wood joined Kelly and Seth on “Live with Kelly” July 11. Elijah knew Seth from his time hosting “Saturday Night Live;” he did so back in 2003. Elijah has also made cameo appearances in digital shorts for “SNL.” Seth referred to Elijah as “a friend of the show.” Kelly asked, “are there enemies of the show?” That was a conversation for the commercial break!

Elijah Wood Live with Kelly July 11

Elijah Wood discussed his FX comedy "Wilfred" on "Live with Kelly" July 11


Elijah called hosting “SNL” the best experience ever. In his sketches he played everyone from Boy George to an elementary school student. It was also a Christmas show, so he got to go ice skating in Rockefeller Center with the cast after they wrapped, which was a lot of fun.

Elijah Wood at Comic-Con

Elijah will soon be appearing at Comic-Con in San Diego, which is a convention for all things nerdy: comics, superhero films, video games, fantasy TV shows, etc. Because of his role as Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Seth said that Elijah must be “like Elvis Presley” to the fans at the convention. Elijah said he can’t even walk the floor anymore– the level of fandom is that crazy! Elijah said that the city of San Diego is so small, Comic-Con is a time when the geeks just completely take over.

Elijah Wood: FX Comedy “Wilfred”

Elijah is currently starring in the FX comedy series “Wilfred.” Elijah tried to explain the show’s unusual premise: his character, who is a bit downtrodden when he first appears, strikes an unlikely friendship with his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred. He sees Wilfred as a talking man in a fuzzy dog costume, while everyone else just sees Wilfred as a normal dog.


Kelly, Seth and Elijah watched a clip from an upcoming episode of “Wilfred,” where Wilfred alerts Elijah’s character to the previously unknown war between dogs and babies. The clip had to be cut short, because as Elijah pointed out, the show is not very daytime television friendly! You can catch Elijah and his pal on “Wilfred” when the show airs on FX Thursdays at 10 PM.



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