Live With Kelly: Double Dutch Champions


Live With Kelly: Super Skippers Double Dutch Champions

Kelly and Bryant welcomed Double Dutch Jump Rope Champions from the Kerry YMCA. The kids performed for the audience, but they had no idea that the First Lady was on the show. Mrs. Obama gave the “Super Skippers” a big surprise after their routine!

Super Skippers Double Dutch Champions: Live With Kelly

Double Dutch Champions were surprised by First Lady Michelle Obama today on "Live."


The Super Skippers are a group of 13-14 year old kids who are pretty skilled with a jump rope, to say the least. At the end of their impressive routine, Kelly and Bryant headed over to interview them.

They revealed that they started jumping at school, and this led them to join a club for double dutch. Kelly said that she had never tried double dutch, and she would love to give it a whirl. But before they could start, Kelly and Bryant hinted that they had a “special expert” who would be joining them.

Michelle Obama Double Dutch Surprise

The kids were shocked when First Lady Michelle Obama walked out. She first stated, “I can’t do that!” The kids had a lot more moves than she did! But both she and Kelly decided to give it a try and learn some moves.


Kelly went first, but she had a slow start. She had trouble jumping into the ropes while they were moving back and forth (it definitely looked scary). However, she eventually got the hang of it, and she was flopping around in the middle of the ropes like a fish!

Mrs. Obama jumped in next, and while she doesn’t have the sophisticated moves and turns that the kids can do, she is definitely skilled at jumping. She had some fancy footwork that she showed off to the audience, who loved every second.


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