Live With Kelly: Derek Hough from “Dancing with the Stars” Interview


Derek Hough: First Trip to Hawaii in 15 Years

Derek Hough is a pro-dancer and three-time champion of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” On “Live With Kelly” August 6, we took a look back at Derek’s trip to Hawaii to visit the hosts in paradise. Derek admitted that they last time he was in Hawaii was fifteen years ago, when he was a little boy. Now he’s back and gets to enjoy his trip as an adult. Derek pointed out that one of his former partners, Nicole Scherzinger, is a Hawaiian native.

Derek Hough: “Dancing with the Stars” Season 14

Derek Hough Hawaii: Live With Kelly

Derek Hough gave dance lessons to the Dream Wedding couple on "Live with Kelly." (Joe Seer /


When Derek’s interview took place, he was just about to start “Dancing with the Stars” Season 14. Derek has been with the show for nine of its fourteen seasons. Daniel wondered, how does Derek keep things interesting after so many years? Derek said that being partnered with new celebrities each season presents new challenges and keeps things fresh. He enjoys watching the development of his partners as dancers as the season progresses.

For those who don’t already know, Kelly pointed out that Derek, as a pro-dancer, is responsible for all of the details of the show for himself and his partners: the choreography, the costumes, rehearsal times. It’s a lot of work! Derek said that he is “bedazzling and rhinestoning” until the wee hours of the morning!

Derek Hough Wedding Dance: “Live” Dream Wedding

Derek is taking a break from his busy bedazzling duties, and helping out the show with its Hawaiian Dream Wedding. Kevin Houston and Eileen Bellew are the lucky couple walking down the aisle, and they are even luckier to have Derek helping out with their first dance as man and wife.


We took a look at some video footage of Derek practicing with Kevin and Eileen. Derek wanted to start off with some traditional moves, but then bust out into something a little more fun. However, Kevin and Eileen admitted that they hadn’t been practicing. Derek said that he sure has his work cut out for him!

To see Kevin and Eileen’s first dance, choreographed by Derek Hough, tune in to the Dream Wedding on Friday, August 10 2012.


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