Live With Kelly: Cirque du Soleil “Zarkana”


Live With Kelly: Cirque du Soleil Performance

Cirque du Soleil, meaning “circus of the sun,” is an enormously popular act that performs in a variety of shows all over the world. Today, a cast member from Cirque du Soleil’s “Zarkana” gave an exclusive performance for Kelly and Mike on Live With Kelly.

Cirque du Soleil was formed in Montreal, Canada, in 1984 by street performer Guy Laliberte. The company is self-described as “a dramatic mix of circus art and street entertainment.” Cirque du Soleil has since expanded into dozens of shows such as “Alegria,” “Zaia,” and “Wintuk.”


All Cirque du Soleil shows feature many skilled performers and acts such as aerial ballet, high wire, juggling and flying trapeze. Cirque du Soleil only continues to grow, and has many new shows in development for 2012 and beyond.

Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana: Live With Kelly

A Cirque du Soleil performer from "Zarkana" demonstrated some amazing acrobatics on Live With Kelly. (Randy Miramontez /

Cirque du Soleil: “Zarkana” at Radio City Music Hall

A performer from “Zarkana” took the stage to demonstrate “hand-balancing” for the Live With Kelly audience. Clad in all white, it looked like he was floating on a cloud as he demonstrated several seemingly impossible feats of gravity.


He flipped, did a few splits, bent his spine back almost completely in half, and finished with an impressive spinning move while balancing on one hand.

When he finished his routine, Kelly ran over and screamed, “that was sexy!” However, it immediately became clear that the performer did not speak any English. His translator had to run over and try to help him out, although, he still was not very chatty.

Kelly Ripa: Cirque du Soleil

Kelly tried to re-enact an acrobatic move with him, where he balanced her on his back as a parallel lift. Kelly joked, “this reminds me of my honeymoon.” Her awkward pose had the audience in stitches. Mike also got in on the fun, putting his hands down and re-creating a not-so-similar spinning move. The audience definitely gave him an ‘E’ for ‘Effort,’ though.

“Zarkana” returns to New York with performances beginning on June 6 2012 at Radio City Music Hall.


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