Live With Kelly: Christina Applegate “Up All Night” Interview


Christina Applegate: 14-Month-Old Baby

Christina Applegate has been on our televisions since she was a teenager starring on the sitcom Married… with Children. Since then, she has appeared in films like Anchorman and The Sweetest Thing. She currently stars as talk show producer and new mom Reagan Brinkley on the NBC comedy Up All Night. Christina joined Kelly and Howie to talk about the show, plus her own baby daughter that she had in real life.

Christina Applegate Up All Night: Live With Kelly

Up All Night star Christina Applegate told Kelly Ripa about reuniting with her Married...With Children family. (s_bukley /


When Christina sat down with the hosts, her baby, Sadie, had been born 14 months earlier. Howie and Kelly told her that she looked great.

Christina said that she had many “accoutrements” underneath her clothes. Howie asked, “is ‘accoutrements’ French for Spanx?” This led Christina to profess her anger over not having invented Spanx. They’re just cut-off tights– now the inventor is a billionaire!

Kelly said, “isn’t it the best to have a baby girl?” They both agreed that the outfit options are endless!


Live With Kelly: Alicia Silverstone Baby Feeding

Howie asked Christina if she is “Alicia Silverstone-ing” with her baby (chewing her baby’s food and then spitting it into her mouth, just like actress Alicia Silverstone).

Christina said no way– she prefers to feed her baby with a spoon. Kelly was left out of the loop, because she had no idea what they were talking about. She said she would google it later. However, Christina didn’t want to start “some rumor,” so she emphasized that Alicia is an awesome girl– despite her weird habit!

Christina Applegate: Married… With Children

Christina recently reunited with her Married… With Children cast, including actors such as Ed O’Neill and Katey Segal, who played Christina’s parents. On the show, which ran for eleven seasons, Christina played the rebellious teenage daughter, Kelly. The reunion took place during the FOX network’s 25th anniversary celebration. The popular sitcom was actually the first ever show to air on the network. Kelly said, “we’re not old enough to be older than FOX, are we?”

Christina Applegate: Up All Night

Christina currently stars with Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph on the comedy Up All Night, which depicts the oftentimes hilarious difficulties that arise when trying to balance work and parenthood. For the cast, life definitely imitates art, because Christina, Will, and Maya all have children under 2 years old. Many of the situations that come up on the show are inspired by actual events from the cast’s own lives.

Up All Night Stevie Nicks Guest Star

On a recent episode of the show, Stevie Nicks was a special guest star, and Christina even got to sing a duet with the star, which they recorded for a dream sequence. She said it was so cool to have Stevie come to her house and record, and she even got to wear one of her dresses.

Christina, Kelly and Howie watched a clip from the show’s season finale, which aired last month. Look out for season 2 of Up All Night next fall, and pre-order watch the show’s first season now!


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