Live With Kelly: Chris Pine “People Like Us” Interview


Live With Kelly: Chris Pine Interview

Chris Pine is an American actor who first rose to fame playing a young Captain Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek film adaptation. He has since appeared in several television and film roles, such as in This Means War with Reese Witherspoon. Today, Chris joined Kelly and Carrie Ann to talk about his latest role in the upcoming film People Like Us. Kelly and Carrie Ann also learned about Chris’s family tree, plus wrapping up filming on the Star Trek sequel.

Chris Pine: Son of “CHiPs” Actor Robert Pine

Chris Pine People Like Us: Live With Kelly

Chris Pine talked about his new movie, People Like Us, on Live With Kelly. (Featureflash /


Kelly pointed out a little known fact about Chris: he comes from an acting family, and he is the son of actor Robert Pine. Robert is best known for his role as Sergeant Josh Gatrear on the popular police drama “CHiPs.” Kelly said that “CHiPs” is one of her all-time favorite shows. They showed a quick picture of Robert Pine in his “CHiPs” uniform, which Chris called “so 70s.”

Chris said that his dad is definitely “a cool guy,” but said that he is now at the age where he is more interested in socks more than anything else. Chris said his dad loves red socks. Kelly joked, “how high does he pull them up?”

Chris Pine: Star Trek Sequel

Kelly pointed out that Chris had just finished shooting the sequel to Star Trek, which is due to premiere next spring. Carrie Ann asked what it was like to get back into Captain Kirk’s shoes once again. Chris said that shooting the movie felt like going back to school. Playing Captain Kirk is a bit nerve-wracking at first, but he enjoyed it.


One aspect of playing Captain Kirk that Chris does not enjoy is wearing the costume. He said that the pants are way too tight (although the women in the audience did not see that as a problem). Kelly said that Chris should put on his Captain Kirk pants, while his dad should put on his “CHiPs” pants. Chris called the idea “so gross,” but again, he was the only one who thought so!

Chris Pine: People Like Us Review

Chris’s next film is called People Like Us. Chris explained that he plays a character named Sam Harper, whose life is sort of in disarray: his career is failing, he is in mass amounts of debt, and his father has just died. When he goes home, he finds that his father left him $150,000 in cash. However, Sam gets the surprise of his life when he learns that the cash is intended to go to the sister that he never knew he had.

The film was directed by Alex Kurtzman, and it is partially based on real events from his life. Alex actually found out that his father had an entire separate family when he was a teenager. When he was older, he was at a party, and someone tapped him on the shoulder and told him she was his long-lost sister.

Chris co-stars in the movie alongside some very beautiful women: Olivia Wilde, Elizabeth Banks, and Michelle Pfeiffer. However, as he pointed out, his character is related to most of them!

Chris,Kelly and Carrie Ann watched a clip from the film where Sam first encounters his half-sister, played by Elizabeth Banks, at the bar where she works. To see Chris in action, check out People Like Us when it opens in theaters Friday June 29 2012.


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