Live With Kelly: Chris Colfer from Glee’s Struck By Lightning Review


Chris Colfer’s Cat Brian

Chris Colfer Struck By Lightning Review

Chris Colfer spoke about his movie Struck By Lightning and his new cat Brian. (Image Credit: s_bukley /

Today’s first guest was Chris Colfer, the young actor who stars on “Glee.” Kelly welcomed him to the show by congratulating him on his new family member, a rescue cat named Brian. Chris revealed that his new pet is twenty-two pounds, but is always getting stuck in places because he thinks he is a much smaller cat than he actually is. Chris has caught him staring ominously at his fish, and has tried to put Brian on a diet, but he just ends up breaking into the food anyway. Jimmy joked, “Are you sure it’s not a person dressed as a cat?”


Chris Colfer Struck By Lightning Review

Chris also discussed his debut feature film, Struck By Lightning, which he wrote and stars in. The film debuted in April at the Tribeca Film Festival, and also stars Sarah Hyland, Christina Hendricks, Dermot Mulroney and Allison Janney. When asked how he felt attending his own movie premiere, Chris responded that it was very surrea l– “I felt like I was at my wedding!” In the film, he casted some of his old high school teachers, including his AP European History teacher, even though he failed the class — or so he thought. He couldn’t really remember, but he said he loved the class anyway.

Live With Kelly: “Glee” Season Finale

Although his character is graduating from high school on “Glee,” Chris said that he is not leaving the show. However, despite probing from Kelly and Jimmy, he did not mention what will happen to his character, because all will be revealed on the show’s season finale. He did drop some big news, though: Sarah Jessica Parker will be a future guest star.

Kelly, Jimmy, and Chris watched a clip from the “Glee” finale episode, in which Sue Sylvester attempts to force Chris’s character into a flapper dress costume for their upcoming Nationals competition.



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