Live With Kelly: Chris Bosh from the NBA Champs Miami Heat


Chris Bosh: Miami Heat NBA Champions

Last week, the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma Thunder to win the 2012 NBA Championship. Chris Bosh is a power forward for the Heat, which he joined in 2010. Today, Chris stopped by “Live with Kelly” to chat with the hosts about celebrating his team’s exciting win.

Lucky Kelly got to make another man sandwich when Chris came out to take a seat, and she immediately congratulated him on the Miami Heat’s big victory. In turn, Chris congratulated Kelly on her big Emmy win over the weekend.  Chris revealed that after last year’s disappointing results, it is “the greatest feeling ever” to have become NBA Champions this year. He said that he and the team all worked so hard throughout the year, so it is amazing to have their hard work pay off. Chris also thanked his family, who have supported him all year.


Chris Bosh: New Baby Jackson

Chris Bosh Miami Heat: Live With Kelly

Chris Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, recently welcomed a new baby boy. (Allen Berezovsky /

Chris and his wife, Adrienne, recently welcomed a new baby son named Jackson. Chris said that the final was the first game that Jackson ever attended. Since he knew that his son was in the stands, he wanted to play his best. It seems like Jackson was a good luck charm!

It was also a family affair at the Victory Parade in Miami yesterday, since Chris’s daughter got to ride in the parade as well.


Chris Bosh: Meeting with Oprah

After the parade, Chris revealed that he was lucky enough to meet Oprah. This made Kelly pretty jealous, since she was still waiting on Oprah’s call! Kelly asked Chris if his wife was freaking out. Chris said that he was freaking out! It was very exciting to meet her. Chris said that he ended up wearing a suit. Kelly called Chris one of the best dressed people she knows.

In addition to being well-dressed, Chris is also well-read. He credits the book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, for helping to adjust his mindset throughout the finals.

Chris Bosh: Abdominal Strain Injury

Thankfully, Chris said that he is doing much better after suffering an abdominal strain injury last year. He said that it made him realize how much he uses his abdominal muscles; the pain was so intense, he could barely turn over in bed. He said his wife would help him out with a big push: not a small task, considering Chris is 6’11!


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