Live With Kelly: Char on Psychic Week


Live With Kelly: Psychic Week

All this week, “Live With Kelly” has hosted some exciting guests who claim to have psychic powers as a part of Psychic Week. First, we met psychic Sylvia Browne. Yesterday, we met the Long Island Medium herself, Teresa Caputo. Today’s guest was psychic medium and author Char. She was the woman who announced Kelly’s pregnancy to the world, way back in 2001 when she was auditioning for “Live.” Char has since been a frequent friend to the show. When she sat down with the hosts, Kelly joked, “will Michael have a career in stripping?”

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Psychic Medium Char appeared on Psychic Week


Psychic Week: “Love Karma” by Char

Char’s most recent book is called Love Karma: Use Your Intuition to Find, Create, and Nurture Love in Your Life. The book talks a lot about intuition, and how to tap into it. Char explained that everyone has intuition, from men to women to pets– we just don’t always use it!

Have you ever done something that you felt maybe you shouldn’t have, and then were not pleased with the results? Everyone has! Char said that this is because people need to learn to use their natural intuition. The future can change at any second because of one person’s decision. However, we do have power in the choices that we make, and Char believes she can help you make the right ones!

Psychic Week: Readings from Char

Char then approached the audience because she was seeing someone wearing a military uniform. It turns out that two women were sitting right next to each other who had deceased loved ones who had been in the military. Char discovered that she was seeing one woman’s father, and she knew that his name had a R or a B in it. It turns out that the man’s name was Robert. He was trying to pass along some advice to the family on how to deal with a sick loved one.


During the commercial break, Char read Michael. When she asked him if he was planning on having a baby, Michael seemed shocked! Michael is getting married, and Char warned him to be careful, because there might be a new baby coming!

To find out more about Char, make sure to pick up her book, Love Karma.


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