Live With Kelly: Channing Tatum “Magic Mike” Interview


Live With Kelly: Channing Tatum Interview

Channing Tatum has sky-rocketed to Hollywood leading man status after his roles in films such as The Vow and Dear John. The talented dancer-actor is currently starring as a male stripper in the upcoming Magic Mike— but did you know that art imitates life for Channing? He actually worked as a stripper for a time before he launched his entertainment career. Channing discussed the new film today with the hosts, and when he came out to join them, he caught a teddy bear thrown down from an audience member. He said that he would only accept it if she “promised to go see Magic Mike this weekend and not Ted.” 

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan: Wedding Anniversary

Channing Tatum Magic Mike: Live With Kelly

Channing Tatum discussed his role as a male stripper in "Magic Mike" on "Live with Kelly." (Featureflash /


Channing is married to fellow dancer and actress Jenna Dewan, with whom he worked on the 2006 film Step Up. In July, the couple will celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Channing said that the time has flown by, because they are both so busy. In fact, they never even got a chance to take a real honeymoon. Channing said that he hopes to finally take a “full moon” at the end of the year. He is planning on taking some time off because he thinks that people must be sick of him by now. Of course, the audience and Kelly assured him that this is not the case!

Channing Tatum: Workout Regimen

Channing is working out like crazy for his next film, which he explained is about Olympic wrestlers. He is in the gym about four hours a day. Kelly joked, “don’t you ever just want to play a couch potato?” Channing said that he would love to make a film where all he has to do is “play chess in the Caribbean.”

Channing Tatum: Male Stripper

Like his character in Magic Mike, Channing was a male stripper; however, the film is not autobiographical. Channing plays an older, more experienced stripper who takes a young newbie (played by Alex Pettyfer) under his wing. The film also stars Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello as Channing’s co-workers.


Channing became a stripper when he was nineteen years old. He dropped out of college, was sleeping on his sister’s couch, and had to work three jobs to make ends meet. He said that he was pretty good at stripper, but he was one of the smallest, skinniest guys where he worked. The biggest tip he ever got was $100 from a female lawyer who was forced on stage by her friends and was not really enjoying her lap dance– hard to believe!

Channing said that the female extras acted pretty tame around him and the other guys– all except for Matthew McConaughey. They were “very grabby” with Matthew only, for some reason. A group of women even completely ripped off his thong!

Kelly, Michael and Channing then watched a clip from the film, with Channing’s character and his love interest, played by Cody Horn.

Magic Mike: Michael Strahan Striptease

After the clip, Michael told Channing that “Magic Mike” his nickname when he played football. All of a sudden, the lights dimmed, music started playing, and Michael’s pants came right off! He shocked Kelly, Channing, and the audience with some pretty smooth (and hilarious) stripper moves.

Surprisingly, Michael was left out of the filming of Magic Mike, but you can still see Channing when the film hits theaters Friday June 29 2012!


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