Live With Kelly: Cat Deeley of “So You Think You Can Dance”


Live With Kelly: Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley is a television host and model originally from Birmingham, England. For eight seasons she has been the host of Fox’s hit dance show, So You Think You Can Dance, here in the United States. Today, Cat joined Kelly and Bryant to chat about the show and all of the other happenings in Cat’s busy life.

Cat had co-hosted with Kelly before but never in the new studio, so like many guests, she first complimented Kelly’s fancy new digs. She also remarked that she found it hard to believe that Bryant is a grandfather, because he looks so good for his age. She wanted to know what moisturizer he uses. Kelly made Cat even feel his skin, which she said was like touching “the wings of an angel.” Embarrassed, Bryant attempted to hastily change the subject.


Cat Deeley: So You Think You Can Dance Season 9

Live With Kelly: Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley is juggling new boyfriend Patrick Kielty and her Fox TV shows, The Choice & So You Think You Can Dance. (s_bukely /

Cat’s show, So You Think You Can Dance, is now in its ninth season. Kelly asked Cat if people ever come up to her and start dancing out of nowhere. Cat admitted that some people do, and the strangest place it ever happened to her was while she was attending the opera in New York.

People also often remark that she isn’t actually that tall; on the show, she looks like a giant when she stands next to all of the barefoot dancers. They also, not so nicely, tell her that she doesn’t actually look like a man.


Live With Kelly: Cat Deeley & Patrick Kielty Dating

Cat revealed that she is no longer a single woman; after being friends for ten years, she  is now in a relationship with Irish comedian and fellow TV host Patrick Kielty. Bryant asked her what took so long for the sparks to fly, and she replied that “ladies like to take their time.”

The British press has come up with a variety of celebrity couple nicknames for the two of them, including Kelly’s favorite, “Catrick.” Kelly and Mark do not have a celebrity couple name, as their only options would be “Melly” or “Kark.” They just don’t have the same ring to them.

Cat Deeley: Fourth of July Barbeque

Kelly, Bryant and Cat watched a quick clip of a dancer getting sent to Vegas by So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy. Now that the show is in its ninth season, there have been countless great dancers featured on the show.

Cat revealed that she hosts all of them at her house each year for a 4th of July barbeque. What started out as a small affair has now grown into a huge blowout. Cat said that there is a DJ, of course, lots of dancing, and everyone getting into the pool to make “dancer soup.”

Live With Kelly: Cat Deeley & Fox’s The Choice

Cat is also the host of an upcoming dating show on Fox called The Choice. The show holds a very similar premise to NBC’s singing competition The Voice, but instead of auditioning singers, celebrities get to choose dates. The stars that will appear on the show include Joe Jonas and Carmen Electra. Kelly is very excited to tune in and watch. The show premieres this Thursday, June 7.

Live With Kelly: Cat Deeley UNICEF

In addition to her TV hosting duties, Bryant pointed out that Cat is also a UNICEF ambassador. She recently went home to the UK to host “Soccer Aid,” a charity soccer match featuring many celebrities and sports stars that pits England against the rest of the world. This year, England was victorious.

Catch both of Cat’s shows, So You Think You Can Dance and The Choice, this week on Fox, airing on Wednesday and Thursday nights.


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