Live With Kelly: Cast of “Pawn Stars” Interview


Pawn Stars Rick and Corey Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Russell

Kelly and Mark welcomed Rick and Corey Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Russell of the popular reality show Pawn Stars for an interview. The History Channel show profiles the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a family business in Las Vegas, Nevada. They first discussed how popular the show is; it is now in 150 countries worldwide. “You must be so rich right now!” Kelly exclaimed to them.

The guys said that, after being in the Pawn business for over 25 years, they never imagined that a television show about what they do could become so popular. Corey said that after he watched the first episode, he felt sure that it would be canceled after just a few had aired. Rick said that at first, he hoped to get a season or two out of the show in order to increase business. Right now, they are the number one show in places like South America, Canada, and the Philippines. They also get around 4,000 people in the shop per day, who mostly buy a lot of T-Shirts.


Live with Kelly: Pawn Stars Cast

The cast of Pawn Stars talked about their show & weird pawned items with Kelly & Mark. (Helga Esteb /

Kelly asked the guys what it’s like to work every day with your own family. Rick replied that it’s both the best part of his job, and the worst part of his job. Corey said that when he screws something up at work during the day, Rick will call him at night to continue to pester him about it. If they weren’t family, they probably wouldn’t do that to each other.

Kelly also asked how the business originally started. Rick said that when his family first moved to Las Vegas, his father really wanted to open a pawn shop, but there were no licenses available. When Rick got older, he fought to obtain a license and finally opened the shop.


Pawn Stars Craziest Items

A shrunken head is one of the craziest things that ever turned up at the shop, which prompted Mark and Kelly to try and figure out if they had anything crazy or of high value in their own home. Mark asked, “what about our son’s umbilical cord stub?” Rick joked, “that’s priceless.” Kelly told Mark to stop saying things like that, because people are going to think that they are creepy. Mark asked, “doesn’t everybody keep their kids’ umbilical cords?”

Rick, Corey and Chumlee brought some interesting items from the shop with them to show Mark and Kelly. The first item was a Super Bowl ring from 2001 which belonged to a New England Patriot. It is one of the first very “bling-ed out” rings that have become popular for the Champions. Mark tried it on, and was pleased to report that his finger was much bigger. Because the Patriots are a very popular team, the ring is worth about $50,000.

Next up was a real Olympic bronze medal. Kelly was surprised that you can even sell Olympic medals, and Rick said that you can, although something like an Oscar you cannot. It was worth about $20,000 dollars because it was from an American Olympics and an American had won it.

One time, the guys reported that someone came in and tried to sell them fake diamond earrings, even though he knew that there was a camera crew filming him. Because of the taped footage, they were able to arrest him.

“Pawn Stars” airs on the History Channel, Monday nights at 10 PM.


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