Live With Kelly: Carson Kressley “Dancing with the Stars” Interview


Carson Kressley: Left out of “Dancing with the Stars?”

Television host and fashion expert Carson Kressley joined Kelly and Nick for a chat on “Live With Kelly” August 1. Carson is well known for his flamboyant fashion sense (he was rocking some pretty fierce studded loafers), but he was also a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” However, the show’s All-Star season cast was just announced, and Carson’s name was somehow left off the list. Kelly asked, how could they not include him?

Carson Kressley: Live With Kelly & Nick Lachey

Carson Kressley, a "Dancing with the Stars" All-Star hopeful, chatted with Kelly and Nick on "Live With Kelly" August 1. (lev radin /


Carson joked that maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was not such a great dancer (he faced a lot of criticism from the judges). However, he said that he has since vastly improved. He loves dancing because it is a work out without really feeling like one; you’re dancing and having fun, and then all of a sudden, you realize that you just finished an hour of cardio! He highly recommends dancing as a fun form of exercise.

Carson Kressley: Vote for Carson on “Dancing With The Stars” All Stars

However, not all hope is lost for Carson: he can still be included in the show if he receives enough viewer votes. Kelly, Nick and of course, Carson himself, encourage everyone to head to the “Dancing with the Stars” site and vote for Carson! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican: Carson’s your man.

Carson Kressley: Word Association Game

Since he’s both a “Dancing with the Stars” alum and a hopeful, Kelly and Nick played a “Dancing with the Stars” word association game with Carson. For both “spray tan” and “mirror ball” Carson responded “Maks,” for pro-dancer Maks Chmerkovskiy. “Favorite judge” inspired the name “Len,” and “pasa doble” made Carson think “guacamole!” Finally, at “Drew Lachey,” Carson said “competition.” Nick’s brother won “Dancing with the Stars” during Season Two, and if Carson enters the All-Star season, the two will face-off. It should be a fierce competition!


To ensure Carson a spot on the new All-Star season of “Dancing with the Stars,” be sure to vote. Good luck, Carson!


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