Live With Kelly: Brooke Shields & The Addams Family


Kelly Ripa: Brooke Shields Interview

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos welcomed actress Brooke Shields from the musical The Addams Family on Broadway. Brooke Shields towered over the couple. They started by talking about her time at Princeton, where Brooke says, “People avoided me.”

Kelly Ripa suggested it might be because people were intimidated by her beauty. Brooke Shields said she thought her notoriety from her work in films like Blue Lagoon might have been to blame. She confessed that she used a body double for her iconic role in Blue Lagoon.


Live With Kelly Brooke Shields & The Addams Family

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Brooke Shields: Daughter Asks Boy To 4th Grade Prom

Brooke Shields said that she is wondering how old her kids should be before they watch some of her more adult work. They are already asking about the birds and the bees, Brooke Shields said. Her oldest is age 8, and recently announced that she had asked a boy to the 4th grade prom a year in advance.

Live With Kelly: The Addams Family

Brooke Shields said that this is her first time doing eight Broadway performances a week, with two daughters. She doesn’t get to sleep till 2 a.m., but she loves that it inspires her children, who want to be Morticia and Wednesday Addams for Halloween. Her husband is very supportive of encouraging their children’s interest in theatre.


She said that it’s hard to spot people in the audience, but that it could be distracting for the actors. They do usually hear about the presence of celebrities in the audience. Sometimes notable stars are taken backstage during intermission so that they are not bothered by other patrons who recognize them.

Brooke Shields suggested that they would bring Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa backstage if they came to see the show. But Kelly Ripa said that they are not famous enough to be recognized out in public and don’t have throngs of fans who would mob them.

The Addams Family is at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre through December 31, 2011.

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