Live With Kelly: Bristol Palin “Life’s a Tripp” Interview


Bristol Palin: Life as a Single Mom

Bristol Palin is the oldest daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Bristol made big news during the 2008 Presidential election, when the then seventeen-year-old became pregnant while her mother campaigned as Republican nominee John McCain’s running mate. She even had a stint on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol now has a son, Tripp, and she is detailing her life as a single mom on the new Lifetime television series, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.

Live With Kelly: Bristol Palin Life's A Tripp

Bristol Palin talked about her new Lifetime reality series, Bristol Palin: Life's A Trip, and her life as a single mother. (Featureflash /


Bristol Palin: Sarah Palin’s Daughter

When Bristol came out to join the show, Kelly asked her what life had been like before her mother entered the national political scene. Bristol described her life before as totally different, and a lot more private. Her family was still well-known in Alaska, but being thrust into the national spotlight is a completely different thing that carries with it a lot of pressure.

Live With Kelly: Bristol Palin Vs Levi Johnston

When she became pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston, Bristol hadn’t really talked about it with anyone until it became national news. She said that she had not even told her close friends or grandparents, so the entire country found out at the same time.

Before getting pregnant, Bristol had hoped to move away from Alaska and study to become a nurse. Despite not getting to do these things, however, Bristol called her 3 1/2 year old son “the light of her life.” Bristol’s son is exactly one day older than Jerry’s twin girls, so he joked that they can save some money by throwing joint birthday parties.


Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp on Lifetime

Bristol’s show takes place primarily in Alaska, but parts of it were filmed in LA. Bristol moved to Los Angeles with her son and her sister, Willow, for a short time before deciding that it was not for them. Bristol described her upbringing as more “sweatpants and big trucks,” and she and her sister did not fit into Hollywood life. Bristol said she would rather be at home fishing. She also mentioned that her sister living with her, and seeing how difficult it is to be a young mom, is the best form of birth control she could imagine.

Jerry made Bristol blush by asking about her personal life, and if she is dating anyone at this moment. Bristol did reveal that she has had the same boyfriend for a while, and that he is featured on the show.

Kelly, Jerry and Bristol then all watched a clip from the show, in which Bristol is camping outside with her family. The show Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp premieres on Lifetime next week, June 19 2012.


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