Live With Kelly: Bradley Cooper “The Words” Interview


Bradley Cooper: Soul Cycle

Bradley Cooper is the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive, so when Bradley joined Kelly and Sam on Live With Kelly, he certainly received a warm welcome! Kelly got nervous that one woman in the audience would never let go of Bradley’s arm.

Bradley said that he has been staying in shape by attending classes at Soul Cycle, a trendy New York City spinning studio, which he just started two weeks ago. He is attempting to lose weight for a new role. Kelly said that Jake Gyllenhaal takes Soul Cycle classes as well,  and that he sometimes uses the trainer’s bike. Bradley didn’t know anything about that– he said he mainly just tries to avoid falling off the bike!


Bradley Cooper: Best Friend Brian Klugman

Bradley Cooper The Words: Live With Kelly

Bradley Cooper discussed his latest film, The Words, on Live with Kelly. (Featureflash /

Bradley revealed that he has wanted to be an actor since he was a small child; his father was a huge cinephile, so he had very sophisticated movie tastes even as a kid. That’s how he and his best friend, The Words writer and director Brian Klugman, first became friends.

They first met way back when they were kids, when Bradley had first switched schools, and Brian was actually responsible for teasing him in the cafeteria. They eventually became best friends, and it’s been that way ever since.


Bradley Cooper: The Hangover III

Bradley is perhaps best well-known for his role in the hilarious Hangover films. The third installment of the film franchise, which also stars Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis, will begin shooting in September.

After the last film wrapped up, Bradley, Ed and Zach were given vespas from director Todd Phillips. Bradley said that at first, he was not too impressed by his vespa. However, once he tried it, he loved it. Now he is very into motorcycles, which are his new obsession. Kelly warned him about being safe, but Bradley told her not to worry; he’s “that guy” who wears twenty different types of pads just to ride around the block!

Bradley Cooper: Rescue Dog Charlotte

Bradley has an adorable dog, Charlotte, who came out to join him for the rest of the show. Charlotte is a Chow-Retriever mix, although as Kelly pointed out, she looks more like a baby polar bear. Charlotte is a rescue dog, and she is unfortunately missing all of her bottom teeth. Bradley rescued her from an organization in Compton. See, ladies– he’s not just good looking, but kind, too!

Bradley Cooper: The Words Review

Bradley’s latest film is called  The Words, and it also stars Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons, and Dennis Quaid. Bradley plays a struggling writer who finds an old manuscript and passes it off as his own; when he meets the original author, however, mayhem ensues.

Brian Klugman wrote the script 12 years ago, and Bradley first read for it when he moved to Los Angeles. He is amazed that now, after all these years, they finally made the film and it’s coming out in theaters. Bradley loved working with his best friend, although, it seemed as if they sometimes got very little done in the way of hard work!

See Bradley Cooper in The Words when it’s released in theaters September 7 2012.



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      Thanks for reading. The dog care segment originally aired in June, and it’s likely the dogs have already been adopted. But shelters and adoption agencies across the country are always looking for animals. I hope you find some great pets to add to your family.

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