Live With Kelly: Blake Lively “Savages” Interview


Blake Lively: Fourth of July

From Gossip Girl to Hollywood leading lady, Blake Lively is one busy young actress! Today, Blake took some time to sit down with the hosts to help celebrate the Fourth of July. Blake said that with her family, holidays are always celebrated late because of busy schedules. For Christmas, they usually all get together and celebrate around the 29th. She said that maybe this year for the Fourth, they will make an exception and celebrate on time!

Blake Lively: Obsessed with “Chopped”

Live With Kelly: Blake Lively Savages

Blake Lively discussed her new film "Savages" and celebrated the Fourth of July on "Live With Kelly." (Joe Seer /


Kevin pointed out that Blake loves to cook, but does she like to grill? Blake is not a griller, but she did admit to being “obsessed” with Food Network competition show “Chopped.” When she cooks for herself, Blake likes to imagine that she is one of the show’s judges and comment on her dishes.

Kelly brought up the fact that grilling is typically something that men enjoy. However, Blake said that the grill expert on “Chopped” is a woman. Blake said that women are just better than men at most things!

Blake Lively: Back to “Gossip Girl”

On the popular CW series “Gossip Girl,” Blake plays Manhattan socialite Serena Van Der Woodsen. The show is getting ready to start production on its sixth and final season, which means that Blake is heading back to work. Kelly asked Blake if the busy actress ever gets any sort of break!


Blake said that she actually did get to take a vacation this year; she went back to her dad’s hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. They even visited the house that he grew up in. They took pictures on the front lawn but didn’t go inside. Blake said that they didn’t want to bother the family that now lived in the house. Imagine if you heard a knock at your door and saw that it was Blake Lively?

Blake Lively: Independence Day Game

Blake joined Kelly in an Independence Day game as a part of the “Live” Fourth of July celebration. Audience members had funnels attached to their heads, and Blake and Kelly squirted them with water guns. Kelly was able to shoot the most water onto her partner’s head, so she was declared the winner.

Blake Lively: Ophelia in Savages

After the game, Blake dried off and chatted about her latest role in the Oliver Stone film, Savages. Blake plays Ophelia (or “O”), who is the girlfriend of two marijuana growers. She eventually gets kidnapped by the Mexican Drug Cartel. The film also stars Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Benicio Del Toro, Salma Hayek, and John Travolta.

Blake said that initially, she had trouble relating to her character: she’s involved in criminal activity and she has not one, but two boyfriends! However, she was able to empathize with the characters by discussing their backstory with Oliver Stone. Blake even got to talk with ex-Cartel members!

Blake and Salma Hayek were the only two girls on set, which Blake said was great, because the female characters are so powerful in the film. Blake, Kelly and Kevin watched a clip of Blake and Salma in Savages, after “O” has been kidnapped. The exciting new film opens on Friday, July 6 2012.



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