Live With Kelly: Blair Underwood “A Streetcar Named Desire”


Blair Underwood: Bungee Jump in Zambia

Actor Blair Underwood is known for his many television and film roles, including as Miranda’s sexy neighbor on Sex and the City. But that wasn’t the first or the last time that Blair made female audiences swoon; he is currently starring as Stanley in Tennessee Williams’ classic play from 1947, A Streetcar Named Desire. Blair dropped by Live to talk with Jesse and Kelly about the play, plus why he won’t be bungee jumping anymore!

Live With Kelly: Blair Underwood A Streetcar Named Desire

Blair Underwood discussed his love for New Orleans and role as Stanley in the Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock)


A while back on Live with co-host Reggie Bush, Blair saw a segment on a woman who had bungee jumped in Zambia and fallen into crocodile-infested waters when her rope snapped. Thankfully, the woman survived, but the story jolted Blair because he and his kids had done the exact same jump just a few months earlier!

Kelly pointed out that if she were to go bungee jumping, she imagined that the safest time would be right after that woman– it’s almost guaranteed that they would double check everything! Blair said that he and his kids had a great time, but that he won’t be bungee jumping any time soon.

A Streetcar Named Desire: Blair Underwood Shirtless

Blair is currently starring on Broadway in the revival of A Streetcar Named Desire. The Pulitzer-winning play, about the clash of cultures between Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski in New Orleans, is considered to be one of the true classics of American theater. Jesse had seen Blair perform in his Broadway debut and complimented him on a fantastic job.


Blair talked about he lucky he felt to be playing Stanley, an amazing role that he never thought he would have a chance to play. The role was originated by Marlon Brando, making him a star at age 24. Brando also reprised his role in the 1951 film adaptation. Talk about big shoes to fill!

Jesse pointed out the fact that, every time Blair appears on stage, the women in the audience go crazy. Kelly said, “Can you even take your shirt off without bringing the house down?” Blair laughed off the praise, but he did admit that he was prepared for the undressing that the role required. He wanted that six-pack for his time on stage!

Live With Kelly: Blair Underwood New Orleans

The play takes place in New Orleans, which is one of Blair’s favorite cities. He complimented the food, the people, and the energy of the city. Spending time in New Orleans before the play helped him to master the accent, which he demonstrated perfectly for Kelly and Jesse. That accent sure is a lady killer, and Jesse wanted to know if he could get some lessons!

You can see Blair Underwood in A Streetcar Named Desire at the Broadhurst Theater, but only until July 2012, so get moving!


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