Live With Kelly: Bizarre Foods Tasting with Andrew Zimmern


Andrew Zimmern: “Bizarre Foods”

A very fearful Kelly and Michael were joined by chef and TV host Andrew Zimmern on “Live With Kelly” July 24. Andrew is the brave host of “Bizarre Foods” and “Bizarre Foods America” on the Travel Channel, where he has tasted just about every strange or scary dish out there.

Andrew, Kelly and Michael participated in what Andrew described as a “green sustainability” segment. In America, if we’re going to eat animals, we need to learn to eat the entire thing and not be wasteful; that’s how it’s done everywhere else around the world. However, this explanation did nothing to ease Kelly’s fears. Let’s take a look at some of the bizarre foods they tried.


Bizarre Foods: Sulze

Andrew Zimmern Bizarre Foods: Live With Kelly

Kelly and Michael tried bizzare foods like the Geoduck with Andrew Zimmern on "Live With Kelly."

Sulze is a German delicacy, which is a pickled meat jelly made from the head flesh of a calf or pig. It is served cold like a lunch meat, and is also called “head cheese.” Michael gave it a whirl, and said that it tastes just like ham. Kelly could not bring herself to get anywhere near it.

Bizarre Foods: Nato

Nato are Japanese fermented soy beans. Kelly, who was nearly in tears, managed to have a bite of the mucous-y soy beans, which she quickly washed down with a glass of water. Michael gave them a taste as well. Andrew said that despite appearances, the beans are extremely good and good for you. But the worst was yet to come!


Bizarre Foods: Geoduck Clams

The pièce de résistance was a giant clam called the Geoduck. Since it’s a morning show.. well.. let’s just say that they greatly resemble a certain part of the male anatomy that probably isn’t appropriate for daytime television! Kelly held one up and said, “Look! It’s having performance anxiety…”

Andrew sliced into one, and while Kelly was too chicken to try it, Michael managed one quick bite. Despite its strange, ugly appearance, the Geoduck is a highly coveted delicacy.

Bizarre Foods: Budino

Last but not least, Michael enjoyed a piece of Budino, which is a chocolate dessert made of mostly pig’s blood– although Andrew didn’t tell Michael that until after he swallowed!

For more bizarre foods, catch the new season of “Bizarre Foods America” Monday nights on the Travel Channel at 9 PM.


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